WTH happened?!?

Ok so no idea why but every rule in RM executed with/out restrictions. Holy cow did my house just get possessed?!?

The Ghoul Machine strikes again.

Seriously though, I hope you figured this out and I hope you don't have a siren in your HA system cuz :open_mouth:

was there anything in the logs?

Now we know what happened to the beast that was living in my SmartThings hub . . . .

Just that everything turned on.

I had everything turn off.
I've leaned toward Google Home or IFTTT integration as that was the only thing I had added a couple of days before. Can't put my finger on anything though from the logs. Just a message in the events log for every device to turn it off.

I had the same thing happen...no idea. and it wasn't EVERYTHING but it was a lot of things.

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This is weird - I too awoke to random lights having been turned on overnight. Nothing in the logs to indicate how. All z-wave, no power cut. Had hoped my wife hadn't noticed but on coming home from work she tells me that about 3.30 am she awoke to lights coming on at random ...

All the devices are z-wave. I can see no activity around that time.

Any thoughts? I'm hoping this is not going to be recurrent.

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The ONLY thing these devices had in common were attached to Google Home app. I don't remember now if mine were ONLY zwave as that would be very telling.

I do not have Google Home so that wasn't it. I do have Alexa and all of the automations are accessible to Alexa too.

Well that rules that out...interested if for everyone else it was only Zwave. I now it wasn't ALL of my lights...and maybe that was the difference.

I'm not a Zigbee guy but I haven't seen anything about Zigbee and the "all on" command.

ZWave does have an "All On" and "All Off" command defined and a lot of devices have a parameter to enable/disable participation in that command. Therefore, it's theoretically possible an All On command was sent, and those devices that by default enable it... did turn on. Those devices that by default disable, would have ignored the command.

I've never seen the All On command implemented in anything except the ZWAVE Tools kind of programs. OZWCP and Zensys both are able to send the command.

My knowledge on this is limited, my opinion is vast. :slight_smile:

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Would this include virtual switches in HE? Those were what executed.

Absolutely not.

Only HE has access to Virtual anythings UNLESS you expose them, via all the usual methods, Alexa, Google, Homebridge, OtherHub, etc.

That's an interesting possibility - I had been updating some switch/dimmer firmware and had included an aeotec stick as secondary controller as well as trying a minimote for local inclusion (which I know can send an"all on" command ....). I hadn't thought about that as the culprit .

All quiet last night and in the system I have about 150 -Z-wave devices now transferred and all seeming to function well ... I have a hunch it may be me rather than HE that's the problem in my case :slight_smile:

Sounds like you might have a PICNIC (Problem In Chair, Not In Computer) :wink:




Our IT guy calls that a layer 0 issue.
Between the chair and the keyboard.

The jargon is universal I suppose.

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Nope, 'tis an ID-10-T error


I've never minded the occasional PICNIC/Layer 0 /ID-10-T problem. There are those that make a habit of it. Mostly though, they are the best stories to tell. :smiley:

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