Google Home turning on lights?

I had a weird issue this morning that at 7:58am I had an odd selection of lights turn themselves on...all at the same time. Luckily it was such an odd selection that I had a few in there that were ONLY associated with a couple rules. However...they all had one thing in common....they were all linked to google home. As an example my laundry room light only has 1 Motion Lighting rule to control it. The logs for the ML rule don't show anything happening at 7:58 am. And from what I can tell Google Home doesn't log? There is nothing in the GH events log. I really can't attribute this to anything else? Thoughts?

What type of lights are these? Smart Bulbs like to default to the ON state after a power loss event (even a very brief one!)

If there is a way to see Google Home events in a log, that would be very nice. I don't see any option on the app . . .

I had a similar issue where all my lights turned off the other evening when Life360 became present. This has never happened before. The only changes I made just before the issue was added GH integration and IFTTT integration. Nothing is showing in logs apart from an event in the lights to turn them off at exactly the same time as Life360 status changed.
I've removed the integration now.

That was my first thought when I noticed it. Of course the first ones i checked were the smart bulbs...and turned them off...then noticed switches...ones that have only ONE rule to turn them on (like my laundry) and dimmers and different brands....but not ALL lights...I'm going through device by device now (don't know how else to tell) to see what got changed at the magical 7:58am this morning...

Fam is going to like it but if it happens again...the only consistent thing I can see in this is the Google Home app.

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You can go to and see all your google commands and activity. If google commanded them to come on, it should be in there.

nothing in there. I was thinking it might have been more of a bug with the HE/Google integration that caused it. I looked at all my apps and nothing shows turning that laundry light on. Other than the light itself saying it was turned on.