Would a simple driver be able to control this (API doc supplied)

I think I'm giving up on my russound multiroom amp with rs232 control for now.

I have purchased an arylic up2stream amp and have been pleasently surprised with it's capability and ease of use. I currently use the app with it but would like to integrate it in HE so I can shutdown and control simple things like volume and track without having to always switch between apps once the source is playing something.

The API doc is here and seems simple enough but I don't have a strong programming background.

For the seasoned guys does this seem doable to make a simple app to do basic control? (I dont need anything crazy like feedback etc)

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Since it is a local REST API it is not a very complicated thing to communicate with. It looks rather well documented as well. If I can get one of these here in China directly, I might even consider getting one, this looks nice. With that said, I have no time for any more programming projects, so hopefully someone else writes something.

If you simplly want to control the device's functions and don't need any of the http requests that send feedback, you can do it all with RM or the newly reinstated Button Controller. Create a virtual button device with enough buttons to do each action you want to perform. Then, put appropriate HTTP request assigned to each button when pushed. I did similar to create a dashboard for my Roku. It's a 20 button virtual device

No programming!


thanks that looks very cool!

they are very nice for the price and you can link multiple units with no delay between zones for the perfect affordable multiroom experience. The boards are like $70 US and all you need to do is use a 24v power supply for them/

The built in airplay, bluetooth and native streaming for tidal, spotify deezer etc is amazing for the price

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did you have to use multiple button controllers as the documentation mentioned a max of 8 buttons per?

I hadn't seen that 8 button limit. Mine is actually 25.

I do all of my logic in Node Red but i just created a 25 Button Controller based on my 25 button device as a test. i didn't populate all of the http requests though.

am I missing something in the POST?

In section 1.2 of instructions document it says to use GET, not POST. Did you try that?

yeah I tried both methods with the same result (no control of the player) but if I use that command in a web browser (chrome) it control it just fine

so I'm wondering if I'm missing something in the body for POST... section

The instructions don't mention POST anywhere in document so I would concentrate on GET. Also, when you use Chrome, I am pretty sure it's a GET.

Have you tried testing w/ Postman? It might help find an error.

If you don't mind one virtual device per action, you could create one device per action and use this device driver:

Or, just create one to see if the HTTP Get Request works using that virtual device 1st.

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thanks will take a look at that, appreciate the tips!

Also, why are there 2 different IP addresses in the image you posted earlier? It should be the IP address of your amp.

I was in the midst and copying and pasting from a text file, I hadn't updated the address yet

I'm an idiot and didn't press the "DONE" button on the bottom so my changes weren't being updated