Woke up to 90% of my Zwave devices not working

That's a good point. You have to enable the greyed out X first. Then you don't have to exclude/include or what not.

that won't shut the device up, only prevent the driver from getting the data


You're right. Seemed like a good idea. Maybe for a first pass?

My apologies.
I assume that the correct approach would be to exclude that device?
Or, perhaps just remove power to it?

It sounds like you guys are telling me I'm working with a paperweight here.

Nope. They’re telling you to identify the misbehaving device and exclude it.

As a start, I would turn on debug/descriptionText logging for one device at a time, until you find one that is flooding your network. Then pull power from that device and see if things calm down.


So it seems to be 2 zooz zen15 power switches.
Now I need to figure out how to slow down the power reporting.

Power Report Frequency
Parameter 171: Choose how often you want your Power
Switch to report power consumption (W) to your
controller and associated device. The number entered as
value corresponds to the number of seconds. So if 30 is
entered by default, the Power Switch will report power
consumption every 30 seconds.
Values: 5 – 2678400; 0 – disabled (it will not report power
consumption); 30 – default setting. Size: 4 byte dec


Thanks, but where do I find those options?

Looks like your driver implements it as the Power Reporting Interval preference.

It is currently reporting every second. I can only assume the one on the washer is also doing the same.

Might try bumping it to every 30 seconds and see if that helps.

Im sorry, but which one?

So does anyone have a clue what this means?
I pushed all reporting out to 20 mins, and I'm still getting this.

It means you have debug logging turned on :sunglasses: so it's telling you everything that it sees....

That was not helpful

Just need to turn off the "Enable debug logging" to make it go away. Looks like it's giving you a dump of every report coming through the parse method. Great if you're the developer, but not really very helpful/useful for anyone else.

Now I have stuff turning off and on all by itself.

Possibly catching up if the network was flooded and you were pushing buttons.

I would let it settle (don't toggle anything) and see if things improve after a few minutes. If not, first try hitting the configure button on each device page (should re-push the parameters) and repeat letting it settle. If that still does not work, try fully excluding those two devices, pull them from power, and repeat.

If all that does not work, congrats, you found a red herring. I'd take a look at the device stats page (tab on the logging page) and see what's at the top.


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