Wiz on Hubitat

Hello, new to Hubitat.
I am adding Wiz lights to the hub, I’ve installed the driver, reserved the IP and added the device but the lights don’t respond to any commands within Hubitat.

I followed the instructions for the driver and some other posts showing how to reserve the IP (thank you very much for that)

The lights work from the Wiz app and from google home.

The getcurrentstatus shows Pending

Also am I supposed to disable:
-Allow Maker API to set IP address
-Enable debug logging

Any suggestions on what could be causing it is appreciated.

If a device is supported by a community integration, like these lights are, you are most likely to receive help promptly by posting your question on the thread for that integration. In this case that would be at the thread linked below:


It is very likely that you just need to change security settings under "Settings" in the Wiz app to enable "Allow local communications". Here's an earlier discussion in the driver's thread:


Yes saw that post and I do have that enabled, am I supposed to add anything in the integration tab? I only have google integration enabled. Sorry it doesn’t seem I can a screenshot to this post


You don't need to add any integrations or change any other settings in the driver. Just check to make sure the IP address in Driver Preferences on the Device (1) actually got saved, and (2) match the bulb's IP address.

After verifying this, if your Hubitat and your bulbs can see each other on your LAN, it ought to work. (You can make sure by pinging both from your computer. If your computer can see both, they can almost certainly see each other.)

If it's still not working, you can try turn on "Enable Debug Logging", save the device and check the event log to see if anything strange is happening on the hub side.

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The hub also has a ping client, so you can directly test pinging the bulb(s) from the hub.

You can find the ping client by going under:

Settings > Networking > Network Test


Problem solved, rookie mistake I didn’t connect the hub to the Wi-Fi but just to the LAN and couldn’t ping the devices. Thank you very much


Could you help share the driver code for Wiz lights? Thanks!

Welcome to Hubitat forums!

I believe that the linked post by zranger1 above has the code in the first post.

Edit: or are you asking how to actually load the code into the hub?


If you are looking for the code for the new built-in Wiz integration, it is not available. Hubitat generally does not make available code for built-in apps/drivers, outside of the examples on their public GitHub repository:


Sorry, a newbie here. I want to know how to integrate wiz lights into the hub.
i tried find Wiz in the supported devices, but cant find one.
So was searching and found this thread.
Let me know the correct way to integrate them. Thanks!

Oh, ok. You are looking for the built-in app that Aaiyar mentioned above, not custom code.

  • Go to Devices tab on your hub.
  • Add a device in the upper right corner.
  • Select "By Brand"
  • Search "Wiz"
  • Select whether it is a bulb etc.
  • The instructions should walk you through how to add the device. (screenshot below)


Got it. Here's what you do:

Step 1:

Click on "Apps" in the side-bar

Step 2:

Click on "Add Built-In App"

Step 3:

Click on "Wiz Integration"


That was cool! Worked like a charm!

Appreciate your help!

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I did a search by brand but couldn't find Wiz before the integration. Now it shows up in the Apps. Thanks for the clarification!

Swap Apps Device does not work with the Wiz bulb. The Wiz device installed successfully, but does not show up under:

Settings > Swap Apps Device >
Select replacement device for apps (new).

I am able to successfully control the device from Webcore.

Correct. They are child devices of the Wiz integration app, and like all child devices, they are not supported by this tool. See: Swap Apps Device | Hubitat Documentation.

You will need to use another method, like manually swapping the device in any app you care about (the old fashioned way, if you will), or doing a clone or import, which will offer you device selection replacement options for that particular app.