Wiz driver, unable to set both color and white light together, and lower temperature not working

Have the built in Wiz driver setup, but I can't access the Burnt Orange color I like. In Wiz app it seems to be CC4000, but you actually need to set warmledlightlevel to 140 as well, otherwise you get an awful orange colour. It works from the wiz driver but the Rule Machine custom action does not work.

Finally I can't get lower color temperature to work with Rule Machine over about 5 minutes. I want to set an hour or 20 minutes or so but just does nothing. Any ideas?

Maybe figured this out. You have to add a second parameter of False to in addition to your number parameter. That successfully passes the lightwarmledlevel command.

I ended up not bothering w the unreliable lower temp over time, I ended up setting multiple 1 minute delays over 20 mins manually.

SetWarmWhiteLedLevel is the correct command name for anyone searching in future.

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