With new Z-Wave firmware (7.17.1) can you pair Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 with no security?

I have a Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5 (the one that looks like an eyeball). When I started switching over to C-7 hubs, I moved it off the C-4 but when I paired it with the C-7 is would only pair with S0. I immediately removed it and put it back on the C-4 which I now have reserved for devices that don't play nicely with the C-7.

Now with the new (7.17.1) firmware on the C-7 hubs and reports of improved pairing action, I am wondering if anyone has tried the ZW5 and can share whether it can be paired with no security?


There is a section in @danabwโ€™s seminal tome on use of a Z-Wave USB stick that tells how to add with no security on a C-7.

On those rare occasions when I need it, I run PC Controller in Bootcamp on an Intel-based iMac.


Totally aware of that, thanks.

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It's a bug fix for the mesh side of the ZWave Radio. It does not alter the certification requirements. The USB stick is still your only friend in this regard.


Or other secondary controller. For example, even an old Aeon Labs Minimote works to pair devices with no security.


Always liked the old Aeons...they were my "Picos" sprinkled around my house until I came to HE and learned about the Pico/Lutron integration combo.

If only the Z-Wave masters at Sillabs would enable an "expert mode" that HE could then expose on the hub...


Same. Theyโ€™re also really useful as a handheld controller to exclude devices. And for 700-series controllers, they work for inclusion with no security.


That would be a nightmare for everyone involved.

Ranting user: I enabled expert mode and did this, that, and this other thing

@bobbyD Umm... It wasn't designed to do that, you may have burned out the radio. We specifically warned against that. We can't help you. You will need to purchase a new unit.

Ranting user: I demand service!!!! You either replace this since you allowed access to it or I WILL NEVER LET YOU LIVE IT DOWN!!!!

@bobbyD Thread closed.


Hey I have a minimote on my desk and didn't know it could be used to include.
So i just hit the plus button on the minimote? Does the C7 have to be in inclusion mode? I'm thinking no, otherwise it will include with security...

I think you meant "case closed" on the "expert mode" :-). But as @csteele pointed out, the new firmware doesn't change how the legacy S0 devices are included on the C7 model, so the thread can also be closed.