[WIP] HAbot - two way interaction between Slack and Hubitat!


I’m experimenting with an idea to build out two way communication between Slack and my Hubitat hub, so far so good! Due to how Slack communicates externally (I don’t believe it can communicate directly with HE), I’ve designed it to connect into the AWS Gateway API and from here I have it talking to the Hubitat Maker API cloud connections. Relatively straightforward.

Still early days, but I’ve got a “slash” command bringing back MakerAPI devices that have been configured. Next steps, obtain more device info.


Not sure if you've seen this...

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I have. But that is only one way... for notifications to Slack. What I’ve got working will allow commands to be sent from Slack.

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I opted to not add that in until there was an easy way to handle tap-back actions on a platform-wide level. I’ll have to check out your implementation.

I was hoping the big announcement by AWS/Slack recently was going to lead to them opening this up for us users... so may be that will come later! :smirk:

That would be nice. I've got an internal version of my integration with block support/responses, but never found a clean way to integrate it.

I’ve long dreamed of being able to have a “conversation” with my hub.