Wink moves to Subscription model

I received this from Wink today.

Wink’s mission for the past 5+ years has been to provide users with a ‘Simpler, Smarter Home,’ while maintaining privacy for our customers. Our approach to simplicity and security has driven our design from the user experience to the technology behind the scenes.

We understand that a smart home is something that needs to be trusted and dependable, and we recognize that recent events have created some uncertainty around the reliability of the system. We apologize for these inconveniences and want to share some background information as well as the path forward.

Since 2014, Wink has grown to support more than 4 million connected devices. During this time, Wink has relied solely on the one-time fee derived from hardware sales to cover ongoing cloud costs, development and customer support. Providing users with local and remote access to their devices will always come at a cost for Wink, and over the years we have made great progress toward reducing these costs so that we can maintain that feature.

Wink has taken many steps in an effort to keep your Hub’s blue light on, however, long term costs and recent economic events have caused additional strain on our business. Unlike companies that sell user data to offset costs associated with offering free services, we do not. Data privacy is one of Wink’s core values, and we believe that user data should never be sold for marketing or any purpose.

We have a lot of great ideas on how to expand on Wink’s capabilities and satisfy the many requests from our user base. In order to provide for development and continued growth, we are transitioning to a $4.99 monthly subscription, starting on May 13, 2020. This fee is designed to be as modest as possible. Your support will enable us to continue providing you with the functionality that you’ve come to rely on, and focus on accelerating new integrations and app features.

Should you choose not to sign up for a subscription you will no longer be able to access your Wink devices from the app, with voice control or through the API, and your automations will be disabled on May 13. Your device connections, settings and automations can be reactivated if you decide to subscribe at a later date.

Our user community is integral to Wink, and we want to continue to be your trusted smart home provider. Visit to subscribe.


Hopefully it works for them. The cost is pretty low too. My question/concern for them is if it's one of those too little too late situations where they are so far sunk already this won't help dig them out.


Here come more new users to HE!


That's what I was thinking. From what I understand the platform has been on life support for a while and has received many enhancements or fixes. The change might inspire more Wink to HE migrations.


Pretty brutal - subscribe by next week or your house stops working


LOL - did it really work before anyways?


RIP Wink !


I still have two Wink 1 and two Wink 2 hubs … I suppose I could set them afloat on a funeral pyre and wish them well in the afterlife. :skull::fire:


I can understand the need to go subscription. But the VERY short timeframe they gave their user base is bullshit.

The conspiracy theorist in me says that was intentional, so customers wouldn't have time to convert over to something else before the deadline. That way they get at least 1 month fee from most of their customers....


Although it would be funny... the burning plastic would be really stinky :slight_smile:

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Yes... or brilliant....

Likely they will at the least get 1 month from users and likely more which is likely the hope.. as it will take all but the smallest of use cases more than 1 month to fully migrate....

Well, I was coming from the user perspective. But yes.

They were already bleeding it seems, probably just a last ditch effort but I doubt it will help them enough, I suspect they will still be done for in the not so distant future.

The short time frame will only hurt them more, pretty poor customer service to drop a subscription on a user in 1 week or your automation stops working.


and no value added..


pay up for everything to continue to work exactly as it is


What service are they charging for? I understand $5 a month is not a lot, but what am I getting for that? There is 0 value to what they offer. As others said they have not put out anything in a long time.


It turns out to be more expensive than Windows ....???

It is a bad business model if you make Windows look cheap.


Time for Dope.i.Am to pay up! :heavy_dollar_sign: I'm sure that there will be a class action lawsuit. I suppose I should hold onto my units in case there's a payout sometime in the future (2028 maybe?) and probably only for a whopping $1.79 for each unit purchased.

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at this point you are paying a subscription to a service that is out of touch with its user base, behind development and product support of its competitors. you could pay 60 a year to wink that still can't support half the products you want to use. or pay 60 and buy a new hub that does a ton more. with better support.


5 bucks a month to do what you did before they charged you 5 bucks a month. its literally a move that says if you want to continue using us then pay us.