Wink 2 hub as a repeater

Hi I migrated to from Wink 2 hub to HE a while back. Back then, I gave it a proper salute and arranged an honorable burial in my basement somewhere. Recently, I came across a topic discussing using a wink hub as a z wave repeater for HE. So I decided to exhume the wink2 hub from its grave. Surprisingly, it is still in good shape just the way it looked when we were in the honeymoon period. When I opened the box, I was overwhelmed by waves of mixed emotions and flashbacks; hate, anger, confusion, and happiness. (likely from the subscription ordeal).

When I pulled myself back to reality, I am wondering if it is still possible to use wink2 hub as a repeater for HE with limited functionality without subscription.

Sorry for the creepy post. It really brought back memory for some reasons.

This has been discussed many times in the past.

Yes in theory it can be included to Hubitat, and it can repeat. The problem is, you need a Wink subscription to access the menu needed to add Zwave devices. And if you ever lose the Zwave pairing for whatever reason, you have to re-subscribe, and hope Wink is still around.

So practically speaking, you probably won't be able to do this.

I was experimenting with it. It seems like Wink has 14 days trial period so I subscribed and tried the method previously described (Wink Hub 2 as zwave repeater/secondary controller) and it worked. However, I don't know if this will still work when the free trial runs out.

One thing I notice is that this solved problem with Schlage smart locks I have. When I used Wink as the main hub, the locks worked great but I started to have problems when I migrated to HE. I continued to have problems with its reliability with these locks despite having several Inovelli red switches in close proximity. Tonight when I tried using the wink hub, the locks became very responsive like they used to with Wink. I read several topics and this seems to be a common problem with HE.


It's not just you. I had two Schlage deadbolts that seemed to be flaky on Hubitat, and worked fine on Wink. What I noticed was that it was actually firing reliably, but only on every SECOND command. To lock the door, press lock TWICE. Weird. I've seen people recommend wrapping the lock with the reliability app. All that is going to do is send out the first lock command, wait, and then send out the second. To the user it will seem to work, but sluggish. For me that's not a solution.

Swapped both schlage locks to their nearly indistinguishable zigbee siblings. (the color scheme on the outdoor keypad is different) Good news is they're not paired to the indoor part of the lock. So you can use the old zwave style keypad with the actual zigbee brains and indoor lock.

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Same for me, what made me get to 100% reliable Schlage locks was upgrading to the Z-wave plus AND installing two aeotech repeaters between each door.

My fall back was going to switch to zigbee versions like you did. Glad i didn't have to spend that extra money.

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It will.

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@SoundersDude when you said upgrade to z wave plus you mean buying a new locks?

So I bought one, and then for the other I called into Shlage and told them I couldn't get it to work, mentioned what firmware they were on and I couldn't get them reliable on various systems including Wink and Hubitat. I was I believe a bit over the 2 year mark having them. They sent me a new one.


I didn't mention this before but its a little different than what SoundersDude is experiencing. I had one of the old original ZWave Schlage locks and it worked OK with Hubitat. When I did my renovation last year I bought two new ZW Plus locks, installed them, and thats where my last post started. No matter what I did I couldn't get the ZWP version of that lock to work properly. I returned both and went to the zigbee version.

So pretty much the opposite of what you're saying, which is kinda strange.

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