Window / Door 'movement' sensor?

Seeing the Notion thread got me thinking again about something I've wanted for a long time. The ability to detect when a window or door has 'moved'. Lots of ways to detect if the window is open or closed but always wanted to know if the window is 'moved'.

When it's summer time and want the windows open. I've got two magnets on each window, one in the closed position and one to make it think it's closed when open about 6 inches. NOT easy to get the family to remember (or care) that the window is set in the right position when opened! :wink:

It would be soo much easier to have a sensor that detects if the window has sensed movement (up or down) and have HE react to that.

Anyone know of a (zigbee) sensor that can do this? :man_shrugging:

Sounds like an Acceleration Sensor might work...


Some of the SmartThings sensors have an 3D angular capability that can be used to sense when a door swings open, for example. Would work on a hinged window but perhaps not on a sash window.

I use the acceleration sensor on this same device to determine if the door is being opened or closed since I live with someone who never closes anything all the way.


How about vibration sensor? I dont think its possible to detect direction, but definitely its possible to detect that something is happening.

I don’t usually recommend the Xiaomi Aqara sensors because of their track record with dropping off the network. But it’s quite a good sensor for this and the one I have close to the hub (about 20 feet away) hasn’t dropped in months. It just has been such a good sensor.

You will need to use a community driver, and you will need to keep your Zigbee network clean (no bulbs other than Sengled, and no incompatible repeaters). But it’s smaller, more accurate, inexpensive battery (CR2032) and much better battery life than the Samsung Multisensor.