Willing to build enhanced driver support for Yale zwave lock

When I ran Smartthings, I purchased a driver that would allow me to get more information from the lock even. This is valuable to me because I would like to be able to determine if the door was locked from the inside or outside, If the door was locked from the outside I can put the house in away mode. If the door is locked from the inside I don't want to set away mode. Since I can't buy the drivers for hubitat I guess I have to figure out how to do it myself. Is there a way to get the base zWave Lock driver that I can modify for my Yale Realliving lock?

Hubitat does not release their drivers. There are some example drivers in their Github, but I don't think lock is one of those.

There is a driver for the Yale Assured lock (should be similar) at:


It’s released under the Apache license, but you may want to talk to the author about using it as a base.


Cool - This is a great start. Thanks

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Very interested in this development project. I have Yale Zwave locks on each external door and I miss the exposed features from rboy's groovy driver in smartthings.

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I'm just seeing this, but it is possible to build logic using the existing driver to determine if the lock was locked from the inside or outside.

I do it in Node-RED, so it is extremely likely it can be done in Rule Machine. Basically if the lock is locked, and the descriptionText contains the word "button", then I know it was locked using the button from outside. OTOH, if the descriptionText contains the word "thumbturn", then I know it was locked using the thumb turn on the inside.

My lock is the keyless model.

Any update on this? Did anyone build a driver or does the generic lock driver have all the options?


It should pull all available attributes the lock has available..

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