Will this keypad work?

Xfinity wireless keypad. Will it work with Hubitat?

Looks like the XKH1 model rather than the rebranded Centralite, though you could confirm with a model number of similar instead of a picture. In that case, the answer is that it theoretically could work, but last I heard it wasn't confirmed to actually work (or not). See post 18 in this thread.

It's on eBay. I'll try to contact the seller for more info.

I have it and actually with 2.0. 5 it was working fine, a part for Night mode that should be fixed in 2.0.6, but I'm a bit worried to update because I have lots of Xiaomi devices.

Seller says it is a TKA105. Anyone recognize that number?

Maybe by Technicolor Connected Home?

So you do have the TKA105 installed and working?

I don't know exactly the model if it's a TKA105 or XKH1 but anyway for sure it's identical to the one pictured. Is it working a part for night (in the other thread developer said that should be fixed in 2.0.7)

Do you guys know how to get this into pairing
mode ?

As per this documentation, it looks like there's a small button on the back that starts pairing. :cowboy_hat_face:

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