Will a disabled device continue to communicate with the hub?

If I disable a z-wave device and remove it from power, will that prevent the hub from attempting to reach it? Does a disabled device add any perceptible overhead to my system?

Disabling a device on Hubitat only stops the driver code from running (which means neither manual nor automated/app commands will work and commands/events from the device get ignored). If guess there's minimal overhead, almost certainly less than the alternative of executing the driver code, though the implementation details aren't public.

If this is a mains powered Z-Wave device, it's probably a repeater, and your mesh may not be happy without it. Best practice is to correctly exclude it. Battery powered devices are unlikely to be a concern, but in any case, the disable feature just relates to the Hubitat device/driver, nothing special to do with the underlying protocol or mesh network.


Will the Hubitat radio attempt to periodically communicate with a disabled device?

Yes. The radio is still going to ack frames.


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