[Wiki] webCoRE Documentation Digest

This is a Digest of webCoRE tips and information


Problem solving:

There are three classes of issues commonly seen:

  • HE firmware is not up to date

    • do keep your HE firmware up to date
  • webCoRE is not installed properly, or not up to date

    • ways to resolve:

      • politely reboot your HE hub (HE console -> Settings -> "Reboot")

        • Let the hub settle after the reboot (3 mins or so)
        • then try again.
      • common resolution: (If using built-in, above suggestion should cover this)

        • Ensure webcore files are up to date:
          • if using the built-in webCoRE, updating your hub above has the latest webCoRE

          • if you have a user installed webCoRE:

            • you can use HPM 'repair' on webCoRE
            • or you can manually install / update the webCoRE source files (see install link in note above)
      • Less Common / not very common

        • you may have a db corruption on your HE hub

          • take a backup of your HE hub and store it on your computer
          • search for 'soft reset' in the HE forum can help
          • otherwise you may need to work with HE support if you still have db problems


What to do if webCoRE IDE / Dashboard is acting strange?

  • Make sure webCoRE is operating properly (note above)

  • Make sure you entered the password correctly (or reset the password for the IDE in webCoRE)

    • this is set in HE Console -> apps -> webcore -> Settings -> Security -> "Choose a security password for your dashboard"
  • Typically this a browser caching issue that occurs if the webCoRE IDE files have been updated (css, html, js)

    • in webCoRE Dashboard -> select 'Log Out'. (on left)

    • Clear webCoRE login data

      • HE console -> Apps -> webCoRE (main instance) -> Settings -> Security -> "Clear all browser security tokens".

        • Ensure you next/done your way out of webCoRE (at bottom of each page)
    • then register your browser and login again

      • ensure you start with just 1 webCoRE instance registered, and ensure it is working before adding a 2nd, 3rd, etc.

        • it is best if you do have multiple webCoRE instances to ensure the account settings
          are consistent across them

most times this will resolve your issue. If it does not, do browser cache/data cleanup and exit:

If you really want to clear things out, after logout do the following:

  • follow above steps (except for logging in again)

  • Clear all browser caches

    • Many times this is NOT just hitting the 'reload' or 'refresh' button near your address bar.

      • internet searches for clear browser cache with the name of your browser can help

        • you are trying to clear cookies and data (so if you go here, don't decide to keep your cookies)
      • you want to ensure the browser pickups up latest data from webCoRE server vs. caching it.

      • Exit your browser

  • reconnect to dashboard.webcore.co, staging.webcore.co (or your server for Dashboard/IDE)

  • register your browser again (follow above suggestions on start with 1 first and ensure it is working)

Note, if you are running a local html/js/css server to host the webcore IDE files, you first should ensure this server is running and is up to date with latest html,cs,js files from the HE webCoRE repos.

  • It is common to see folks using the wrong repo for these files. See notes 1, 2 in the main webCoRE thread (listed above on Install Information for webCoRE on HE).

Reporting issues

  • if you want piston help, the webCoRE forum is also a resource with folks that can help on writing pistons
  • if you believe there is a webCoRE bug or feature request see below:

You can use a private message, start a new topic, or add to the main webCoRE on HE thread


Desired information:

1) Give a description of the problem
I got a new motion sensor and thought I’d try to have my bedroom lights turn on as I’m heading to bed

2) What is the expected behavior?
Turn on Switch 1 (Virtual Switch used for goodnight routine), then If if motion is detected within one minute, turn on my bedroom lights

3) What is happening/not happening?
Switch turns on, motion is detected, lights not turning on. Seems so simple, not sure what I’m missing,

4) Post a Green Snapshot of the pistonimage

5) Attach any logs by turning logging level to Full

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Nice work!

It seems like there is a lot of great information in the header, kudos for that. What I was looking for though is a “Why use Webcore” kind of thing.

I’ve never used it and relied on apps and RM but can’t help wondering if I’m missing out on something. Can someone give me the top 3 reasons to use Webcore on HE?

That is mostly a matter of opinion, so you'll get a lot of different answers. :slight_smile:

Most commonly, I'd say it relates to one or more of:

  • familiarity with webCoRE from SmartThings, in whose community the app originated (HE has many ST refugees -- and was founded by some, too!)
  • preference for the webCoRE UI over that of RM or other apps (it has its own web-based "IDE" where they had pretty much free reign over the interface instead of having to conform it to the dynamic but still limited possibilities that the HE or especially ST in-app UIs work under)
  • the ability to do some things in one that are difficult in the other or vice versa (e.g., saving matching devices to a list in webCoRE or using trig functions that were only recently added to RM, or...I honestly have a hard time thinking of things the other way around, but I'm sure they exist -- though RM is much more flexible than it used to be, and I haven't felt the need to create automations with webCoRE for years, between that and custom apps I wrote for myself) -- also partly a matter of preference

Another difference used to be that RM is built-in, where as webCoRE was not; that is no longer the case. However, it is still the case that RM is developed by staff (Bruce, specifically) and therefore gets support from them when there is an RM issue, whereas webCoRE is at the mercy of the community (though the couple people working on the two pieces of it have been doing a stellar job the last few years!). This can also affect some people's preferences.


Thanks for the message, that was very useful. I came from ST when they were getting rid of Groovy but I never adopted WebCore although I saw plenty mentions of it. Can't say I've had anything that I can't get to work in RM although sometimes I've created 2 rules when I know damn well it could be done in one if only the interface was a bit more friendly, which I think is one of the Webcore strengths.

Is there an additional component to WebCore that is perhaps optional. I'll see references to RPi or some other device but I don't know how it all fits together.

If you're seeing a reference to a Raspberry Pi, it's probably about people hosting the "IDE" part locally. That is completely optional, as the online editor works--though, of course, it needs an Internet connection.

Doing everything in one rule isn't always the best way, even if it's possible, but if you aren't sure about how to do something in RM, I'd post in an RM category here. Someone is almost always willing to help.

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