Wife is pissed

The strangest request I have received while working in IT has been to fix the broken elevator. It was “fixed” by taping a sign on it that said “elevator out of order use stairs”

I am responsible for ordering all of the lighting cables for the house..because you know...it’s technical

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I got a request to fix a coffee cup holder. They broke off the DVD tray...

In the military they had me walk down some fiber to see where it was broke... Got lost in the tunnels under Miramar... Every other time there was a fiber issue I sent the FNG down there to trace it out. We'd turn the lights out on em after about 10 minutes of walking down the tunnels.

To answer your other questions...Yes, and Yes, and you used it perfectly!!! :slight_smile:


She does have manual control, but every time the temp sensor updated it shut off the fan. That just pissed her off more because she would manually set it and then it would turn off in a few minutes. Can you hear me laughing.

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Just read about "Event Control" - a much more elegant form of Rule Manager. I would suspect that "multiple triggers" would allow you to disable or override any temp-based actions in the event that the manual control was used to set the fan speed, for at least overnight.

This makes sense - the cruise control is no longer in control of the car the moment I touch the brake, and it will not kick back in unless I turn it back on. This is likely the goal here.

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I got cold back and hot tongue from the Nurse wife for a week after the shower room light went off on her in the early morning dark ~0400 because I hadn't yet mounted the motion sensor high enough to pick up movement inside the shower nor was I using a special mode to cover her morning routine.

It's pretty rare she drops an F bomb, but there was a squadron drop that morning.


lol - I feel ya!!
My ensuite sensor doesnt reach inside shower properly either, and it has turned the lights of a few times.
Now i have it tied to the exhaust fan....
If exhaust fan is on DO NOT turn of lights, regardless of inactivity!!


Tres bien!

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:joy: That is the true reason for me also to embark on Ha!

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Now ... we leave lights on that aren't automated! Like it's an inconvenience when a light doesn't turn on or off now. WE are spoiled

We have not setup an auto on in my daughter’s room because my wife fears that the rules will fail and it will wake her up in the middle of the night

Everyday she walks in right past the light switch and when the lights don’t come on she sighs and walks back to the switch.

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Our middle daughter we have it turn into a disco party to wake her up for school.


Sounds like you should work on the WAF. Fail? never! Muahaha!

She really does enjoy and supports the hobby. She just doesn’t trust it enough to not wake the kiddo at 3am and ruin everyone’s night

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I have been lucky so far, my wife hasn't had much in the way of missteps so far... I had a good one happen to me:
I was trying to automate the hall and bath lights. Had a simple (no sensitivity control) motion detector and door sensor. Wrote Alexa routines: A: motion turn on lights in hall and bathroom, wait 15 minutes and turn them back off. B: bathroom door closes; turn on light. C: bathroom door opens; wait 2 minutes turn off light. It worked... or so I thought. Sitting on the potty, reading my phone like we all do, and the lights go out. I use the app and turn them back on. It happens again. Soon a tug of war is going on. Turns out my cats were triggering the motion sensor, and the off commands had piled up in a "stack." This ended this automation attempt until I get better sensors.

The same routine setup also lead to a few lights going out during showers, because while getting ready for bath time the door was opened and closed multiple times (triggering the wait and off command) this one got me yelled at... just a little.

Just last night, I was sitting on the couch with the hubby. The lights dim when the tv is on and brighten when it goes off. As you're going to get up and go upstairs with no intention to stay in the room. We remained seated talking. The motion sensors reset and the lights turned off while we were sitting there. In the dark I hear a deep voice "your bullets suck".
I responded with "Honey, the lights have been this way for over 2 years and has it happened to you before?"
"So it took you two years to notice that the lights will turn off if you don't get up and leave? I'd say that's pretty good."
"Okay, you're right"


You might have suggested it was being romantic :slight_smile:

well ... that would have been all fine and dandy, but my snarky voice announcement ruins that by randomly stating when quiet time is invoked
"mode is quiet. I guess this means that you're not going to put out?"
It rotates with a few other snarky responses that would have definitely proven me a liar about a romantic lighting scheme.


Back in the 1970s, when mega-fauna still roamed the earth, there was a scandalous and much-xeroxed article in one of the electronic hobbyist magazines about wiring up a 555-timer chip and a few high-power FETs to make a very slowly dimming light for "romantic" applications. This dedicated device was invoked with a button push, and would cycle down to dark over a 10 to 30 minute period.

Problem is, those of us who owed soldering irons to make one were the least likely ever to have a woman in our apartments at all, as back then, geeks had actual pocket protectors and some carried slide rules in belt cases pre-dating the "light saber" by over a decade.