Why some Hubitat pages are not working?

What do I do when portal.hubitat.com just doesn't do anything.... it's like the webpage is dead or something... what would you experts do bout that?

When I click on the link you provided it redirects to http://getstarted.hubitat.com. Pops right up in Safari and Chrome. If you have another browser you might give that a try, or delete your browser cache, etc.

A recent update to Chrome browser is forcing http pages to https. The problem doesn't manifest in incognito mode. The following Hubitat pages are affected:

http://find.hubitat.com/ (this automatically forwards to getstarted)


doesn't work for me in safari either... incognito in chrome works.

Is there a plan to rectify this or do I just need to remember to always do incognito?

The solution is to disable the browser to force every page to open in https. See this post for more details:

or this article

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