Why is my rule restricted?

Ironically last week I posted basically the opposite problem, which has since been resolved with a bug fix. Now my issue is that an action is not running, apparently due to a restriction, but the rule has no restrictions.

I do indeed have another basic rule with the same device that does have restrictions. Do the rules somehow interact with each other? One is set to control the switch in the morning (with restrictions), and this one handles nighttime. Do I need to use Rule machine instead of basic rules?

Other rule on same device for reference:

Could it be this problem, to be fixed in the next build?

This is a known issue and is scheduled for next release.
If you search forum for the issue, there are workarounds.

That was also my thread, and my understanding was that specific bug was related to the time of day constraints. I've already upgraded to the newest release that included that bug fix, and that issue is resolved - this is a separate one apparently.

Yeah it is an issue that resulted from the last fix, it has been reported about 10 times at least now.
Not fixed yet, but next release I would guess will land Monday or Tuesday.


Thanks! Seems I'm having great luck with these. My apologies for the redundant reporting, I didn't initially see those other threads.

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