Why I Can't Add the Ecobee App?

I just set up my new Hubitat Elevate device, and one of the first devices I wanted to add was my Ecobee thermostat. I've successfully been able to add it to Home Assistant, Alexa and others, but when I try to add the app, it correctly takes me to provide my Ecobee credentials

But right afterwards, HE hangs when trying to authenticate and it times out. Gives me the message "No response from hub"

Any advice on what to do next?

Thanks in advance.

@bcopeland is this your purview?

@SurfCoders You may also want to try installing the ecobee suite from hubitat package manager. Does a lot more than what the built in integration does.

Do you see a notification in the upper right corner of your hub interface stating that your hub is not connected to the cloud? Based on the message error you shared that seems to be the problem.


Hi Bobby,

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I do not see any messages. Everything seems to be connected to the cloud.

Any other thoughts?

Newbie here, how do I do that?

@bobbyD I take that back. When I click the balloon, it says "Cloud connection is unavailable.". So that may be the issue.

How do I fix that?


Can you go to:

Settings -> Network Setup -> Network Test

Is your hub able to ping

Also, can you update the time on your hub if it is off?

Settings -> Hub Details -> Update from Browser

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@bobbyD OK, figured it out. For the record, I changed my hub to use a static IP instead of DHCP. That apparently disconnected the hub from the cloud. Once I changed it back to DHCP, it connected to the cloud and was able to add the Ecobee integration app, and it is working.

Question (different topic), why would it disconnect from the cloud when I change to static IP? I can definitely post that on a separate section. I'd rather keep it on a static IP.

Thanks for pointing me on the right direction.

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I figured that was the problem. A simple reboot might reconnect the hub. If that doesn't fix it, go to Settings and select Hub Details, then click on Update from Browser (that would syncronize the hub's internal clock) as @aaiyar suggested. If all fail, then I would look at your network and firewall settings to make sure the hub is allowed to connect to the internet. Hub connected to a subnet is common reason why the hub might not be able to reach the cloud.

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@bobbyD Thanks for your reply. See my previous post. Was able to figure it out but then it opened another question.

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DHCP reservation is the recommended method of giving the hub a fixed IP. If you use a static IP, make sure it is out of the range assigned by your DHCP server (router?).


@aaiyar Right. But also figured it out why my fixed IP was not connecting to the cloud. I have set it up with a DNS server of But it appears Hubitat does not like it. Once I changed it to, it works. Now I have a designated fixed IP that connects to the cloud.

Many thanks!


Can't say I've tried that directly. Both my hubs are configured to use static addresses and a DNS server on my LAN. That DNS server (at in the example below) uses ...

Starting with firmware 2.3.1, hub can have multiple, comma separate IPs for DNS server/name resolution value.

Starting with 2.3.2, the default value for that box is,,,,, which covers a handful of providers.


Also don't forget to update to the latest platform!