Why do I get repeat notifications?

I am trying to figure out what part of this Rule causes it to send out multiple notifications at the end of the wash cycle. Is it compounding all the canceled delayed actions each time my IF statement becomes false again? Do I need to set this up as 'Wait' instead of 'Delayed'? Maybe someone has a better setup they can share on washing machine notifications based on the use of a power meter capable smart plug?

@zskwrel Because 23 is less than 60 so it keeps going. Make <5 and that should go away (or what ever the draw is when the unit is actually off)

You may also want to look at the trigger / condition combo. Triggering on change will trigger (potentially) many times unnecessarily. There are some examples of other users rule that may be worth looking at to compare, or one of the laundry monitoring apps.

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Thanks, all. I did some searching and found this rule for a washing machine notification based on waiting for an event. The wait function had come to mind previously, but I wasn't entirely sure how to implement it correctly. Will see how it goes during my next wash cycle.

Screenshot of my new rule:

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i dont think that is going to work notice my rule had wait for event with a very low number that is becuase the refill cycle will have a very low number so you really dont want it retrigger at below the same number as it started.. you really want to see what is beoing used during the refill and put the number below that.

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Ok. So, I set my power meter smart plug to report at 15 watt increments. Here is a screenshot of the most recent washing machine power events from the other day:

At the time, it was reporting at 30 watt changes. Based on these events, should I change the trigger event to something like '>100?' '>150' watts? Should the wait event power level be under 20 watts? While looking at the rest of my even history (not all in the above screenshot), it doesn't seem that this washing machine surpasses 250 watts all that often, although maybe my last laundry load was lighter than usual.

My advice, while you probably can do this with Rule Machine, I would use one of the various laundry apps that are much easier to use. They can account for various cycles, soaks, and so on.

These are the two that I know of off the top of my head, there are probably others too. I believe they are both available through Hubitat Package Manager. If you haven't tried that terrific app, you should. HPM makes installation and management of apps and drivers very easy.

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Thanks for the heads up on those options. If I cannot get reliable reporting from the more simplistic Rule Machine ruleset, I will certainly explore your aforementioned apps further. Personally, I kind of like creating my own rules to help me learn the functionality of Hubitat. It can feel empowering to figure out and understand what is actually going on in RM. In this case however, I am feeling pretty dumb not having been able to figure out some real basic rules that seem so simple. lol

After testing this rule configuration with two loads of laundry, I can thankfully say it works just fine for what I wanted it to do.

I have a virtual switch called 'Washing Machine Running' that turns on in my Dashboard while a load running. Once the power level is under 50 watts and 7 minutes passed, I will get the Pushover notification about my laundry being complete and the virtual switch turns off. In hindsight, this rule was dead simple. Wish I could have figured it out in the first place on my own, but at least I now understand how Wait rules work.

Wattage reported by my old Iris 3210-L smart plug was set to only report at 30 watt increments as to not spam Hubitat with too many power change reports

Thanks to @kahn-hubitat for the original rule. I really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


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