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I tried the better laundry monitor out there and found it needing some tweaks. So I changed the logic in it to use a state machine and also made it so the user can specify a number of extra times and the delay between the times user is notified when it is finished. I also found this worked well for my dishwasher.

I also made it so it can use a Echo Speaks Device code to do a "Play Announcement All" ensure you don't max out your requests if you want all your Echos to tell you when its done.

here is the code:

Just install both as apps and you should be good to go.


You might want to remove the update check function within the app. It's going to check again the original author's gihub.

good point. I'll remove the call to it for now. Might reuse it later.

Well, I wouldn't let it call to his github...if you did it would override your content. :slight_smile:

Look forward to trying your version. Tagging @csteele for his awareness in case he wants to include these changes in the Community version.

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To create/use your own github repo for UpdateCheck,

First, look at my repo for the docs/version2.json and create your own. (With a file in hand, click create, and then enter the subdir (docs) a / and then your file name. (version2.json) Github will automatically interpret it correctly.)

Second, Click Settings in the upper right area of your repo. Scroll down to GitHub Pages and enable them to be sourced from your new docs folder.


Within a couple of minutes, github will build the required backend and display a green area with your URL in it:

Third, Adjust your groovy files to match. :smiley:


@Jonopo I like this app. Makes it easy to tell if the dryer is done. I have one question. You have Contact and Acceleration for selections under Sensors. Any chance you could add Light Sensor to that group? I use the light sensor HS-FS100-L which monitors an LED. I have one on the Rinse LED and the Finish LED. Thanks

It would not be difficult, The real problem is I dont have access to a HS-FS100-L so I could not test the code.

But in reality with such clear cut inputs most of the logic in this code is not needed. a simple rule machine rule could announce it being finished. I have a rule that repeatedly tells me the freezer is open until it is closed. Just switch Garage Freezer open with the LED state.

Wrote this before I installed echo speaks so It uses a virtual sensor "VTL Freezer Open" in to trigger an alexa routine to do the announcement. But with echo speaks you can just call the announcement method on the Echo Speaks device. Also might want to remove the "Delay 00:01:30"

Thanks for the example. I have an event already made just thought it would be useful for simplification purposes. No problem, I will just use my event then.

Hi @Jonopo, thanks for sharing the codes. I've configured the app and linked it with my tuya converted to tasmota power plug. just wondering if it should be working with google home hub for the speech notification?
I've linked to my home hub, but I'm not getting any alerts through it. Cheers

I have no experience with google home hub.
That being said I would say if you have a device you can add as a speech device then it should work. Just don't click the box for echo speaks.

Thank. I've tried it and it doesn't work.
I am using the google chromecast app (beta) to discover them.
then put them in your app.

Thanks for the improvements to the app. I was just wondering in the (Inform) > (Choose additional devices) menu we could choose to have the switches only alert when the load is done? I'm using some inovelli switches and want them to display on the LED when the loads are done.

To Clarify:
So you want a switch to turn on when the load is done?

@Jonopo - could you add restrictions for TTS please? Would love either a timeframe that TTS is allowed to initiate.

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Looks good, I've set it up and now I'm looking forward to doing laundry!

How do i stop the verbal echo speaks notification? I have a washer power meter and an open/close sensor and a vibration sensor and an open/close sensor for the dryer.
Do the contact need to stay open?
I guess my question is how do you reset the notification?

It should reset itself. if you have it set to repeat there is an option of a switch to stop it.
Switch Sensor (when on its the same as if the Contact Sensor is open)

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For some reason I keep getting notifications. Washer has been done and lid has been open for well over 2 hours. Wife is not amused.