Why did they leave out the opportunity to see graphs?

Maybe a stupid question and probably answered in several threads already. Tried to search but found nowhere where it was answered. Also can not figure out the reasons for opting out.

So what are the reasons for not creating opportunities to show even the simplest graphs on temperatures and similar values in Hubitat.?

After all, it must be an active decision not to offer the opportunity to show any form of graph.

I now have a computer that stores the database of the values and displays them in Grafana but it gets so much more complicated and having to have additional devices feels unnecessary in many user cases.

Being able to visually illustrate the data usually makes the data very easy to understand. Especially when troubleshooting or trying to draw conclusions, visual graphs are invaluable tools


You know.. This could in-theory be done up to the limit in event history... I’m going to test this theory..

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Some of the nicest dashboards I've seen, outside of Home Assistant, are on Conrad Connect, which is a German (unfortunately Cloud-based) system. I started playing with it after Stringify was shut down and before discovering Hubitat. The dashboards are super cool, very nice clean design and include nice graphics such as graphs, speedos etc.

It would be great if Hubitat upgraded their dashboard look & feel and capability to something more like this, in my opinion. It is currently one of the weakest aspects of the system and hasn't received much attention, it seems to me, since Patrick left months ago. It's overdue some attention and I'm hoping one of these releases we will all be stunned by some new much needed functionality and design improvements!


And if you can draw up a graph in html I'm sure it can be displayed via an app.

This way the graphing can be done 100% via a built in app and not require external services.

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Conrad Connect looks awsome!
Hope they choose this path with prioritizing the graphical feel in the interface. The dashboard as it is today is something that feels very outdated no matter how much you try to design it. (compared to conrad connect).
Also Rule machine could benefit from a face lift. Like Node-Red flow's and appearance, it could probably be perfectly ideal.

But not to drift away from the topic too much. Is it because of technical constraints they chose not to present graphs maybe? Or can it be because they think things should be automated, and therefore not handled in an interface?.

Therefore, no neat graphical interface is needed.

Now you said basic graphing .. Now you want it all :rofl:


hahah yeah! .. it's so easy to dream away from the real purpose :slight_smile:

A really simple graph would be a huge lift.

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This is just a guess, but I think it’s simpler than you are making it out to be.

I think it’s a feature that they would implement if they had unlimited development time. There’s plenty of prior threads in which hubitat staff have discussed how they chose to prioritize the platform’s development, and acknowledged that several elements of their UI could use a facelift, as you put it. Hopefully that’s something we see in the near future.

I don’t think they made a conscious decision to withhold the ability to create graphs from us.


Always ask for the universe when all you want is the world.


I added an iframe plugin to grafana so that I can put dashboards along side graphs.


You can use Node-RED with Hubitat. Works really well.


If each of us commits to purchase 5 more hubs, maybe Hubitat will add 1 extra person in support, and 2 front-end designers - 1 for dashboard improvements and 1 for RM UI improvements :smiley:

And you guys that already have 3-5+ hubs, no excuses ok. Get your wallets out too :joy:

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I'd be happy to simply export logging data such as event history to an external repository (e.g. Google Drive) via automation. Is something like that currently possible?

I just started doing that with nodejs, using the Hubitat websocket. This message got me started.

Yeah, you can do this in an app with the history of a device. At least, you should be able to. device.events and dynamic sections should do the trick.

Why would you think there are reasons for not doing any of the unlimited number of things we haven't done yet? I don't recall this particular topic ever coming up as a missing and demanded feature. Suffice it to say that we have had, and still have, bigger fish to fry.

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