Why did the Hubitat Hub jump to $129.95

I hope those get declined.

farking aholes.

So happy I sold my 2 relays last year on FB Marketplace. I hated them and should have just stabbed them with an icepick, but I got $75 for the pair. Used it to buy a second HE. I feel sorry for the guy that bought them. I tried to sell the hub but had it priced too high I guess.


I thought he meant "release the Kraken" but misspelt it to Karen ha ha ha

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Man, has anyone else noticed how these Wink posts suck the life out of your ‘Likes’ :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::mask:


problem solved, already hacked, search the forums. Thanks to @josh


Yup.... :wink:


couldn't amazon tell from the weight alone, that there was a large turd in there? They know the weight of every item. I really hope they make good for it.
Hey did you guys hear about the thief who stole over 300k from amazon, by buying stuff and returning dirt in boxes, instead of items?

Are you calling Wink hubs dirt? lol

Soon they will have less value than dirt!


Maybe already does.

E-waste cost is non zero, when viewed holistically.

Ethernet $20. Bob's your uncle! https://www.amazon.com/TP-Link-Extender-External-Antennas-TL-WA855RE/dp/B0195Y0A42/ref=psdc_3015439011_t2_B00L0YLRUW

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:rofl: I know the feeling dude

your comment is valid for a lot of things.
Same for food, healthy food or not, organic food or not.
You're not obliged to buy.

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Globally, you're free to follow your way to live.

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you made me hungry for pizza now...


You haven't seen my water bill.

Try living in an arid climate with limited water resources and water district sourced water.

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How did you know that my uncle is named Bob? Amazing!

Seriously though, do you guys have any idea if WiFi may be in the future roadmap for the HE platform? ST went this route for their latest version and Wink had it from day one (Wink 2 was even dual band 2.4/5MHz). Having to add a repeater as a workaround for this product seems to contradict earlier posts on adding a point of failure/latency, not to mention always-on power consumption to drive an Ethernet and unused WiFi boost.

Why can't you plug it into your router/modem?

Highly unlikely.

I doubt it .. It's never been a good idea for a hub with a zigbee radio as wifi is in the same band


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