Why did the Hubitat Hub jump to $129.95

I seen a few posts on different home automation sites, taking about Hubitat raising the price of their hub to $129.95
Talking about how it looks like Hubitat it taking advantage of the Wink user situation.

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It's a supply and demand market.

I still have a spare one in a box i paid $69. :grinning:

Hubitat offered deals for at least 6 months now while all this bleating about a Wink death has been going on. Wink users have seen the writing on the wall (I did) for quite some time and have only themselves to blame for not starting down a path to a better solution long ago.

Riddle me this batman. What do you suppose it's going to cost Hubitat to support all these new neophyte users that will struggle to ramp up their understanding of HE to get migrated and want answers RIGHT NOW? The community will help a lot - well most will ,some will gripe and bemoan the new users - but I predict a tremendous resource drain on the Hubitat staff.

P.S. Hubitat has been constantly updating, adding functionality and device support and always innovating. That's got to be worth something right there.


FYI, original MSRP was $149.

cached page from Feb 18, 2019.


Ummmm...because ITS WORTH IT :smiley:


In the last 6 months the highest (I believe) I've seen it was $99.

It goes up and down all the time. It probably will go on sale at Memorial day and 4th of July if people are patient.


Is WINK, going away? I am a new owner buts it is because hubitat doesn't need to internet to keep working , which i am a fan of


Never mind , soon as i posted my Android phone promoted me with a wink news article...lol

Fee for service and they are not paying employees, that is rough I would be beyond pissed off if I was locked out of controling my house


Use Camelcamecamel for Amazon price history:



And still well worth it.


I think $129 is worth it.

But, just perhaps, they’re running a bit low on stock of C5 hubs, and a container of new, shiny hubs is late making it across the ocean.

I’ve always been a dreamer...


I too think at $129 is still a good deal. Those who purchased it at a lower cost received a real good deal.


Great link. This is the highest price in over 2 1/2 years. Not a great first impression especially when the Smart Things hub is on sale on Amazon for less than half the price of Hubitat.

  1. I don't know what link you're looking at, but that statement is incorrect for several reasons. First off, the Hubitat hub wasn't sold 2 and a half years ago. Second, I paid $129 about a year ago for Hubitat on Amazon.

  2. Re - the SmartThings hub. You get what you pay for.


"Great link. This is the highest price in over 2 1/2 years. Not a great first impression especially when the Smart Things hub is on sale on Amazon for less than half the price of Hubitat."

Yes, it might be true.... but you get what you pay for... When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys....


@aaiyar I believe he is referring to the camelcamelcamel link.....


What I find interesting (for me at least) the cost of the Hub pales in comparison to the dimmers, bulbs, RGBW drivers etc we all have.

So the cost can be looked as +/- one dimmer :slight_smile:


I see. Well October 2018 isn't 2.5 years ago. And it doesn't accurately list the price I paid in February 2019 (which was $129.95).


I think some of you who aren't current Wink users may be missing the point. It isn't about $30 bucks. It is the message that Hubitat just sent us.

To put the reaction that you see into more context, Wink users are being strapped over a barrel. Wink is on its way out (promise features for years and not deliver... why would we believe them now for $60/year?) We now look at Hubitat. How does HE maintain their business model in the long-term? They just raised the price 30% within a couple hours of the Wink notice being sent doesn't send a positive message to us. Is this company trying to regain revenue from selling so lean below MSRP in past months? What is their long-term prospect, so we don't face a similar situation in the next couple of years? We, as Wink users, are probably vested in several other cloud-dependent platforms (I am in 6), so how local can we really be? Integration makes us dependent on HE for some of this. For example, Hubitat's terms and conditions read they can pull 3rd party integrations at any time. Great.

Please sell me on this platform. Not by "its not cloud" but by being future-proof of my independence as much as possible. Not by comparing HE to ST as we're accustomed to the outages. I need wireless, not Ethernet, so unless ST is so much worse reliability-wise than what I've been accustomed to with Wink, I'd be investing in a whole bunch more hardware-related changes. Will Hubitat have a WiFi version soon? Is the adoption/learning curve easier with HE vs. ST? How about the UI? I see a basic iOS app that has just been updated after four months of inactivity. What is the committed roadmap/timetable for future updates to get to parity? Will the UI ever be comparable to Wink? Etc.

Please help.


This thread is quickly turning into one you might see on Reddit. :scream: The Hubitat folks for whatever reason increased the price (supply/demand still rules in a free economy). The fact of the matter is Hubitat is far more powerful than Wink ever was (Wink refugee here), but with great power comes great complexity. If you are looking for a point and click type GUI, HE is not for you, it is far more complex (and powerful). For those that LOVE the simplicity of Wink, you may opt to try SmartThings (blue pill option) first (with all its warts and all) then transition to HE (red pill option) when you are more confident to reap the power of Home Automation. You must also have to factor in WAF in your final decision. Good luck my ex-Wink compatriots!