Why can't I find a wall switch with motion sensor?

The standard non-connected ones are everywhere. But I've been searching and can't find a ZigBee version.
I suppose I could get the IR motion sensor separately, but then I have to deal with batteries.
Any suggestions? I just want lights to come on when I walk into a room.

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There aren't that many zigbee switches and even fewer zigbee switches with built it motion sensors. There aren't that many zwave switches with sensors either (speaking from the US perspective). I suspect the demand or price is not high enough.

I have two of these at my mom's house. You can either enable or disable the motion sensor to turn the switch off and on locally. I disabled it locally and used rule machine to control the lights managed by this switch.


Thanks for the link Ronv42; that's just what I'm looking for.
But my mesh is ZigBee, and I did not find a ZigBee version.
Is there a reason I find more z-wave switches? Maybe I'll have to start a z-wave mesh.

I didn't want to delete this from the thread but the comment below is not correct as pointed out in the later comments. I guess I learned to be more careful when reading Amazon reviews.

Be aware that switch does not expose the Motion to Hubitat.

From one of the Amazon reviews:

"This is not a Z-Wave Motion Detecting Switch. This is a motion detecting switch with Z-Wave added.
What I mean by that is that as far as your Z-Wave system sees, it's just an on-off switch; the Z-Wave parts have no access to the motion detect state or settings. So for instance the hub cannot decide whether to turn on the lights when motion is detected based on other factors like the time of day or the state of other devices. In that regard, the switch is pretty dumb."

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I also find it incredible that this type of integrated product doesn't exist. Messing about with motion sensors stuck in ceiling corners or perched on furniture is a joke, let alone dealing with the batteries as you say. If someone produced switches and outlets with integrated motion sensing that we could get at as a separate device, it would be really great.


That's not true at all on the GE motion switch (unclear which switch you are referring to though).

The ge motion switch and dimmer expose the motion states to Hubitat. I have many dozens of them, and have written drivers for them, so I am positive of this.


Thanks. I was just passing along what I saw in the reviews. I'm glad it does expose the motion events to the hub. The reviewer must be incorrect.

No worries!

Yes, that reviewer is clearly an idiot. :slight_smile:

Back to the OPs request - there are zero zigbee switches/dimmers with built in motion that I know of. Sorry.


Please tell my mom how rule machine is reading these events? I hate amazon reviewers.


I agree. When I first started this journey a couple of months ago I was shocked as well. It's a no brainer to me, in most rooms the light switch is the most perfect location for a motion sensor.

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Be aware that switch does not expose the Motion to Hubitat

Are talking about GE Switch/Dimmer?
Yes, they are ZWave Switch (or Dimmer) with built-in Zwave MS
very well working with HE.
I have two of these.

Yes, @JasonJoel corrected me above. That's what I get for reading Amazon reviews.

Currently building zigbee light switch and outlets with motion sensors but they won't be available for a while. I will let you know when they can be purchased. Nice to see that there is demand.


Sure do.. I have one that I don’t even use to control a load.. Just use it as a hardwired motion and use the buttons as a bypass to automations. I use the buttons to bypass night mode light levels if someone is taking a late shower.


That’s good news. For which market? US or?

Canada and the US. swidget is my employer.
Currently trying to learn how to write drivers. I am just doing the zigbee inserts. I have sensing for Occupancy, temperature, humidity, pressure, luminosity, CO2, air quality and vibration. Vibration will detect a double knock on the same wall as the switch or outlet that I will probably reveal as either toggling an occupancy attribute or as an on/off attribute.


Forgot about those. Really cool design, but super expensive ($90/100 per switch/dimmer with module).

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I hope they aren't for sale yet. I just have the 25 prototypes on my desk.

I meant the cost of a swidget switch/dimmer + existing wifi insert- not the zigbee insert specifically. :slight_smile:

I can't imagine a zigbee insert will cost less than the wifi insert though...

Again, really cool design. In concept I really like swidget's products.

Assuming we are talking about this swidget company (if not, my comments make no sense lol):