Why can’t hubitat support myq garage officially?

Is it the chamberlain won’t “allow” them to?

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I believe that is the correct answer.

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I was thinking that, but SmartThings is also not supposed. And they’re leading as far as $ (Samsung) I’d guess

I haven’t even looked at ST integration in a while so I don’t know the state of the integration over there.

However I do get the feeling that the MyQ people want to try and control and monitize the service. They tried by charging for ifttt, Alexa and more but I have a feeling people didn’t like it. It was also limited in what you can do.

All the unofficial integrations work well but you need to get extra door sensors because reading the door state requires the app the constantly poll their servers.

In the end I implemented a zwave solution and got rid of my myq. It works so much better and more reliably.

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"But"? I think MyQ would be much more likely to support SmartThings before Hubitat. And they do currently support Wink. See: myQ Partners & Integrations | myQ. And considering that they call it a "business inquiry" on that page, I strongly suspect they wouldn't offer integration for free without wanting a cut of...something. I switched away shortly before they started doing this, but it's my understanding that for some more freely-integrateable platforms (IFTTT?), they already charge you.

The best thing you can really do is avoid MyQ. Do you need the cloud for your garage door, anyway? This is best done locally with a Zigbee or Z-Wave garage door opener or relay. If you really want it on the cloud, use Hubitat to do that for you. (The Linear is probably the only current model, but it's easily done yourself with a relay and, for completeness, a contact/tilt sensor. The new Zooz multi-relay is cheaper than many single relays and is probably what I'd pick if I had to do this today.) Then, enjoy a garage door that doesn't depend on MyQ's cloud uptime and that lets you integrate it with whatever you want however you want. :slight_smile:

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If you don't mind me asking, what is the zwave solution you went with? I have MyQ right now and I haven't been too pleased with it.

I just automated my garage door with an inovelli outdoor double plug, a contact sensor, and a 12$ relay. It was so slick. You need something that can act as a momentary switch. See my post here

You don't have to use the same equipment, but the relay that @aaiyar suggested was really slick. I haven't set up rules yet, but I can hit the button from my phone and open it and close it.

(sigh) I know myQ is easy, but their cloud is so slow, someone will be there, have your house emptied out and the door closed again before it notifies you that it's open. MyQ is a great concept, but it's so lacking in usability. If you have one, I'm sorry. If you don't, RUN. Think about automating your garage door with one of the solutions here. There's so much help for you. Ditch MyQ and hop on the hubitat train and do something with that door that will make you proud. YOU did that. YOU automated your door. Think about that for a minute. Yeah. GO TAT!


@april.brandt pretty much summed it up. Very similar to my setup. I’m modifying mine in a bit and grabbing a zooz multi relay which I will wire into a remote. I’m planning on pulling out the boards and remounting them into a small project box to make it a cleaner install.

In the end though. It’s so much better than myq.


I'll post photos of my setup in a few minutes.

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I think my opener is going :frowning: so I was looking at what I might get as a replacement. I read through the MyQ on the website.... really? This is a garage door opener. How far does Chamberlain expect to leverage costly services?

From what I read I'll probably end up with a Skylink Atoms (with no smart anything). I can then add whatever automation I wish.

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Here is my set up. I remind you that I did NOT have anything to do with the messy wiring that the installer pulled in this photo. Here is the relay. It has a breaker on it.


The wires run into the button connections. Keeps the button functional.

In the background, the inovelli dual plug is attached to the ceiling. I have the opener in the always on and the relay in the smart plug acting as a momentary switch.


You were lucky. You could connect the wires to the opener. On newer myq setups that doesn’t work. So I had to go with the remote button method.

Oh? But where does the button wire in? My dad's MyQ has a wired button. I just joined them with the button wires into the opener. The only thing mine had was sensor connector and button connector. MyQ doesn't have that?

With newer myq setups the button sends an encrypted signal. So running the wire to the opener like what you did doesn’t work anymore. It’s their way of locking us out. :frowning:

What I had to do was take one of the unused wireless remotes. Then I had to open it up and find the two spots that are connected when you press the button. There are a pair for each button.

I then soldered my relays to those points so whoever the relay is engaged it simulates pressing the button. Apparently you can do the same thing with the wall remote too. You just need to find the points to solder too.

The nice thing is I can place this setup anywhere within range. I have it in the house with the rest of my hubs just to keep things organized.

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I have the Liftmaster 8500


and it comes with a "smart Button"


In order to get the data to/from the LCD screen, they superimpose data onto the button push. I ended up replacing that button with a Dumb Switch, and that allowed me to wire the ZWave contacts into the switch wires. In other words, the Opener supports both but only one at a time. None of this may be helpful for MyQ..

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@gavincampbell @csteele Wow! I had no idea that they were manufactured that way now. Mine is a chamberlain liftmaster circa 1997, I think it said on the tag. Now that I've done this, I'll definitely make sure that I don't buy one that doesn't have wiring.
On the same token, way to go! Very slick move on your part! Both of you. That is a project you should post in the forum if you haven't. I wish there was an area for projects.

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I was just thinking the same thing. Unfortunately most of mine involve a lot of custom code.

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But that's how you roll. Nothing wrong with that. I'm sure one could come up with a way through normal means to achieve close to the same result. Just requires a bit of thought in most cases. It's planting the idea that matters.

That particular GDO motor is a "jackshaft" type..


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Finally got my zooz multirelay setup and updated my door controller.

On top is the multirelay and in the bottom box I have two remotes with wires soldered into them. I had to use 2 because I have two different GDO and their remotes aren’t compatible.

Small and clean setup.