Why are my lights not flashing when water leak is triggered

I have several problems in HSM

  1. My lights ( I have ikea bulbs,both white and rgb ,
    ,and Philips hue vintage , the rgb and the vintage are connected via hue bridge)
    whatever I tried, I can't make them falsh.
  2. I can't make them turn on a certain color, it can only turn on the last color it was used.
  3. My system messages window it's not showing me that I have an alert.
  4. My phone shows notifications, but never makes any sounds or vibrations, even though I selected that from phone alert notifications.
  5. After the rgb light is turned on, it never turns off automatically after I acknowledge the alert.

Any ideea why it's like this?

Does the device support flashing? You can tell by looking at the device page and see if the flash command is there. If not they dont flash or isnt coded in to support it.

I don't fallow. You mean if a bulb supports flashing?! What device are you talking about?

Whatever device you want to flash must support flashing.


Like my Z-wave plus dimmer

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If you are using the official Phillips Hue integration then it doesn't support flash.
I am using the awesome community Phillips hue integration and it supports not just flash but also plugs as well.
Here's one of my device driver page with cocohue


Good call! I'm using Robert's excellent CoCoHue integration and completely forgot about that. It doesn't flash indefinitely though (as in; until HSM alerts are cancelled), which is problematic if you need that.
Another driver that has "flash" built in is the GE Switch driver

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