Who uses Fingbox for presence and can give advice?


I can’t find a reliable way to detect presence I’ve tried Ifttt, Life360, Hubitat app. Nothing seems to be reliable. And I ran across and seen on some other post that the Fingbox can be used for presence, anyone that has one can you advice how reliable it is in detecting presence. Thanx in advance for any help.


I use the Smartthings presence sensors. They work 100% of the time and they are cheap like $20 if i remember right. You can get them online or Best Buy also has them. Plus you can put them on a pet or in kids backpack ect.


I use a combination of ST presence sensors, L360, the HE app, the ST app & ‘Locative’ ( an ios app) to get reliable presence.
With this combination and ‘Presence Central’ (http://hubitat.uk) things have been pretty reliable for my wife & myself.

No one things works for everyone which is why I use a combination of different things.



When I had Smartthings they were just horrible on there platform the damn things were saying that we departed like 4am in the morn, hence the reason I changed to hubitat the wife gave me an altermatem get rid of smartthings or she was going to rethink which one was getting put out then.


They appear to be much more stable on HE for me than they ever were on ST



Hey Cobra how do you set your presence up I understand the arrival if anyone of those arrives then mark presence but how do you setup the not present aspect, do you have it where all three must be absent or 2 of them or just one of them?


I have it set that if ANY arrives or departs then change presence..
But, I also have a couple of minutes delay configured so that if any drop off for a few seconds (quite common with some of them) then it does not mark me away
You can easily also configure that multiple devices must leave/arrive before changing presence.

There are a couple of apps now similar to mine which do similar things.
(Although mine was the original :slight_smile: :rofl: )
In effect combining presence actions to get reliable presence.



Thank you for the help Cobra greatly appreciate it.


To answer the original question, I use Fingbox. It relies on the person's cell phone, so it only works when they have it on their person and it must be connected to the home network. There is an adjustment for range rather than traditional geo fence. It can be challenging to get the range set correctly. I have found it to work ok with only the occassional WTF moment.



I meant to mention that I have folks set their phones to auto connect when in range.


Boy that's a fact. Most reliable for me is fobs. But even they fail sometimes and chew through batteries like crazy. So like Cobra, I use a custom app for aggregation of all my options. Maybe you'd like to check it out as well. Presence Governor differs a bit from Presence central. I allow thresholds on geofencing and use different logical checks for different types of devices.


Thank you yap,I can get one at a good price but just wanted to know if it really works good.


Ok Doug I’ll give your app a try thanx for the help.