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@josh I see you around here with an early Hubitat but I see no mention of your signature app. I use ST and Sharp Tools for a few things, most notably presence.

Could you comment on your strategy for Sharp Tools to support Hubitat devices?

I'm working on building out a new dashboard and some other features at SharpTools.io first. When I got my Hubitat hub, I ported the SharpTools SmartApp code over to Hubitat and the basic API calls seemed to work. I would need to figure out a workaround for the push event functionality which is core to widgets and Tasker event plugins. I would also need to make some tweaks to the Android app to support the alternative authentication endpoint. In the short term, it would probably just be a cloud port, but in the long term potentially tweak things to dynamically switch between remote and local endpoints. That being said,


Just wanted to circle back and update this thread that the SharpTools.io platform integration is now released. You can find more details here:

Note that this supports the web dashboard and Rule Engine which are part of the web platform. If there's interest, we would need to rework the SharpTools Android App to use the SharpTools.io platform so it can take advantage of the expanding list of platform integrations.

In the mean-time, there are other workarounds. For example, if you still have a SmartThings hub (or at least an account!), you could use the SharpTools Android integration with SmartThings and then relay those events into Hubitat - either using the SharpTools.io Rule Engine or one of the ST-Hubitat integrations.

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Thanks for the update Josh and very impressive with the Dashboard. Long time Sharptools Android apps user and can't wait HE added to the apps.


Any update on the Android app working with Hubitat? I think I'm ready to move from SmartThings, but I use sharptools/Tasker/ST for presence and it's 100% so I'm not ready to give that up.

Have you tried using Tasker and the Maker API instead. You can issue your Arrived/Departed commands through HTTP requests direct to Hubitat rather than turning on a virtual switch.


Yep, @Ryan780 hit the nail on the head. SharpTools is just a method to flip switches in ST, you can accomplish the same thing in Hubitat in a different way.

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Is it possible to send mode status from Hubitat to Tasker? I use Sharp Tools to subscribe to Smartthings modes, which are switched by Hubitat and Other Hub, so Tasker can react. It would be nice to send mode status directly from Hubitat to Tasker.

Not directly AFAIK, but using this method you could send a Pushover notification to your phone on mode change, and have Tasker with AutoNotification react to it and then automatically clear the notification so you don't actually see it.

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