Which Xaiomi hub works with Hubitat

Hey guys want to try some Xaiomi sensors but I want to keep my regular zigbee stuff separated from the Xaiomi gear so I want to put them on there own hub. So question which hub to buy? And what is the best place to purchase from?

This post by @Royski should get you going (he mentions the specific model and the process to integrate it with Hubitat):

That being said, I have all my Xiaomi sensors on a separate Hubitat, with 11 Ikea Tradfri plugs/USB repeaters - those are the ONLY zigbee repeaters I have on this Hubitat. So far, "touch wood", nothing has fallen off .... but YMMV.


Good stuff aaiyar I’ll start there

If for some reason you cannot get the specific hub you need, then you can use the Xiaomi Aqara HomeKit version, by syncing sensors to HE virtual switches by way of HomeKit automations. This is what I do, but it does require you’re an iOS user, and you need a hub for HomeKit automations. That can be an AppleTV 4 or later, an always on iPad that can handle the latest iOS, or a HomePod.

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Ok smart I was trying to read up on everything I could find but that was my plan me and my wife has Android but my son and daughter have iPhones needed to find a way to plz all. I seen the Aqara hub is HomeKit compatible but I wasn’t sure it would work and how it would pair with HE?

Doesn’t pair to HE. I installed the Homebridge app which allows me expose virtual switches to HomeKit. Then in HomeKit, I create an automation for each device.

For example, if I want the status of a Xiaomi Motion sensor on the Aqara bridge, I create a virtual switch in HE and name it so I know it belongs to that motion sensor. Then in HomeKit, I create an automation so when the sensor is active, the switch turns ON, and when the motion sensor is inactive, the switch turns off. For motion sensors, you can actually just create a second RM rule to turn the virtual switch off after 1 minute, since that is the timeout period for when Xiaomi motion sensors reset to inactive anyway. It’s more important for contact sensors to have the two HomeKit automations, so you’re virtual switch reflects both the open and closed state of the sensor.

Haven’t been able to get my Homebridge instance to reconnect to HomeKit not sure why

If you have homebridge running already, I'd recommend sticking with the route that @SmartHomePrimer suggested.

What is this Homebridge app that I am hearing about.

Check the Homebridge thread. There were some suggestions in there.

I’ve had to delete the home once, and another time I had to change the QR number in the config.sys, however both time was in SmartThings. I’ve never had to do that on HE. Please backup the Homebridge files before you do anything though. Changing that number means starting over in HomeKit.

Ok thx

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