Which switches to keep which to toss

We moved. I removed all my smart devices and brought with me. I tossed all zwave and kept only Zwave plus. But wow, I have a number of different versions. Do any of these jump out at you that I should toss as they tend to cause problems?
Zooz Toggle dimmer, version 700, version ZEN24, version ZEN 24 ver 4.0
Zooz on off toggle, version ZEN23 and version ZEN23 ver 4.0
GE toggle dimmer ZW3004.
Thank you

The Zooz stuff should work good. May be the old 2x models but those are newer versions that can get current firmware and support with my advanced driver. I have a bunch of ZEN27 in my house.
[DRIVER] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced (and Dimmers)