Which Motion Sensors

I'd like to know which motion sensors to buy in the UK for Hubitat.
I need the the name and model number.

I do not need Temperature, Humidity,
I would sooner have AA or AAA batteries
They have to have , Zigbee, Lux, and when it detects it must be able to give my mobile phone a push notification while I'm away from the house.

G'day Philip,

There have been a few threads in recent times that have worked through this topic, I'll see what I can find. My suggestion has always been Philips Hue, but there is always a broad list of suggestions, depending on what you are looking for.

It is probably worth you listing what kind of requirements you have. Some include time to reset motion, battery life / type, mounting options, size, protocol (Zigbee, Z-Wave, etc), other features such as lux and temperature sensors.

Looking back, it does look like these threads have been more specific than the more general question you have posed. It would be slightly older threads we would need to find to get the relevant suggestions I am remembering. Hopefully regular posters in this space will chime in and provide the varied opinions I have read previously, without me needing to search for them :slight_smile:

I actually made a post earlier today about this which may be of some help. It's only about Zigbee as that is what I wanted due to speed. But basically, the answer was hue lol.

One of the guys did mention there is quite a few good z wave ones, my only concern is the delay you tend to face.