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Just getting started with Home Automation. Started watching YT videos last week. Purchased a few Kasa Smart Plugs and 1-way light swiches. Work great, great price, & look great. Using the Kasa app currently but understand long term I need a hub to get into greater level of automation. Based on my research I believe hubitat will be a great fit for me so should i return my Kasa gear and start over. I hate to bc i dont want to break the bank but i dont wanted to a lot of switches that won't work great. If so, is there a solid alternative tgat works great with Hubitat at similar cost. I purchased 4 plugs for $25 & 3 switches for $35. TIA

Kasa support just became part of the built in driver set as of release 2.3.3.x so no need to replace them.


That is great news! Exactly what i wanted to hear!! Thank you very much!!


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Also take a look at this before you set things up... :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community and hope to have you as a fellow Hubitat user real soon! A great resource is the Documentation link up on top of this page, there is a lot of info in there.

For natively compatible devices (found in the documentation), here is the direct link to it so that you don't buy stuff only to learn it's not compatible.

Then there are a ton of drivers in the community, so if you don't see a device in the official list, search here in case someone made a driver for it.

When you get your hub, I would also suggest you install the great community app that will help you to get new apps and drivers installed in a jiffy...


What about kasa cameras?

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