Where do I find integration Apps?

Help please ! I just purchased the C8 and trying to add all my devices which are mainly wi-fi and can not find the integration apps and drivers for many of my devices.
LITEdge smart plugs
Sonoff switch
Ewelink switch
TreatLife fan/light switch
MyQ garage door opener
IRobot vacuum

Built-in apps and drivers are found in the Apps and Device buttons on the top of the Apps and Devices tabs:

Add an app:

Add a device (which will work for supported devices):

See the list of compatible devices:

More apps and drivers can be found in the community app, Hubitat Package Manager:

And others not in HPM may be found by searching in the forum here...


Hubitat is focused on local control, and a lot of Wifi devices lock you into cloud API's for control, or sometimes no API and people reverse engineer it.

None of those have official integrations. Some may have custom user integrations. A lot of Wifi stuff is Tuya based and can use the Tuya integration once you pair the devices directly with the Tuya app.

LITEdge smart plugs - Maybe? Have not seen one
Sonoff switch - Maybe? Have not seen one
Ewelink switch - Maybe? Have not seen one
TreatLife fan/light switch - These are Tuya, use Tuya Cloud integration
MyQ garage door opener - I think there is a user one, may or may not work
IRobot vacuum - I think I have seen a user integration.

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