Where do i find a list of Community Apps

Where is the list of all the Community Apps?

There's not really a complete list but most (many?) community apps now use Hubitat Package Manager, which is a really convenient way to find stuff.


There really isn't a true list, but a search of

will give you most of the solutions based on what you're trying to solve. Hubitat Package Manager (HPM), a community app, maintains a search function for apps and drivers that have registered with it, and this thread

also has several.


This is a problem that Hubitat might want to help address. The power of the device is in what it can actually help users DO. I'd be happy to pay a small fee for useful drivers, if I had a way to test them (say, for 30 days) after finding them easily. This is something Homeseer got right. I suggest copying that model.

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Gosh NO! I can't afford to go through that again. $30, $30, $30, $50, $30, $30 ... and on and on and on! This is the main reason all my apps will always be free. If someone appreciates what I do enough to make a donation, that's great! But I won't nickel and dime people to death. That's the main reason I left Homeseer after using it for over 10 yeas. That and I really wanted to try Zigbee (sooo glad I did).


I certainly do appreciate your apps and the fact that they're free!


FWIW, with HS4, even HomeSeer is moving away from that model.


Your apps are awesome and you do a helluvalot for this community


I would disagree. The premise has always been pretty open here. I did pay for one app here and I regretted it as it was such a cludge it 's not worth the aggravation to set it up. I wish I had looked at it closer. The other nice thing is if code is abandoned, others can pick it up or those among us who are more knowledgeable can write something better to replace it. (I hope someone picks up Hubigraphs officially)


Others have pointed out Hubitat Package Manager, and the Community Apps/Driver Wiki. Those are both excellent resources.

You can always search the forums for keywords like (just to pull something out of the air) Honeywell App, or look in the specific sections of this forum for community contributions, Community Apps and Drivers - Hubitat


Well, that suggestion went over like a lead balloon. Fair enough.

That said, I don't much care. My little devices do what I need them to do, and I don't know that I need much more.

On another but related note, what's the status of Hubitat Package Manager? I seem to recall that the developer was leaving the Hubitat community but there's also the possibility that I'm confusing this with another app. Can anyone fill in details re that?

Dominick was having some intractable issues with his hub’s z-wave functionality and did announce he was planning to leave as a result, but I believe support was able to work with him such that he decided to stick around.


It was a good suggestion none the less, and it stimulated a really good discussion. So thank you for the idea anyway!


Hubitat does have a process by which developers can charge for their integrations.