What's wrong here? - Rule Element Not Actioned

I have a rule to switch on/off some external lights shown below:

The "box lights" do not switch off at 23:59. I'm unable to check the logs even though I've ticked the relevant boxes as by the following morning there is nothing in past logs or in the events within the rule itself. I guess these are cleared during nightly maintenance or something...

Is there anything obvious I've done wrong in the rule? Thanks.

Just skimming it real fast I can’t tell where this might be going wrong myself but if it were me I’d suggest starting by breaking this out into a few separate rules.

Most of my rules in the past were very similar to this but I’ve found compartmentalization of rules like this to be super helpful.

I’d pause this rule you have here myself just so it stops running and so you don’t loose anything here.

Then I’d build a single new rule off just the initial trigger and set any timeouts to a few seconds so I could quickly save and test that part is working first. Once confirmed then I’d go back and set the timeouts to longer if needed.

Then I’d look for any opportunity to create a new (separate) rule for each part where there is a distinct new trigger. So instead of waiting for the time to be 22:00 or whatever I’d just create a new rule, add a predicate so it only runs if the garden lights are on and it’s Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun… then I’d just make the trigger event 22:00 and the action to just turn the light off at that time.

Should do the exact same thing but with less opportunity for something to get stuck or timeout unexpectedly.

Anyway, after I’d confirm that works, I’d duplicate that rule and change the conditionals on the new one to only fire off Fri and Sat, triggering at 23:00ish instead.

Last, once I could prove it all worked then I’d go back and officially delete the original paused rule.

I can understand why multiple rules for this might sound like overkill, and maybe it is, but I’ve found this approach to be significantly easier to troubleshoot and easier to make update later if needed than a single rule that tries to do all the things.

Last while it may make little difference on its own, as I wrote more and more big rules Iike the original example over time I realized I was forcing my hub to run through every one of the rule’s “if-then” and “wait” actions every single time it was triggered and after writing more and more of these types of large rules they eventually began to slow my hub down little by little as I was constantly asking it to think through a lot more than it needed to over and over multiple times a day.

Anyway, pretty sure this was not the kind of help you were looking for on this so my apologies. Hopefully my lessons learned provided a different perspective on rules like this but if not no worries, please feel free to disregard!

Good luck

They should not be. You should be able to see the logs the next morning. Are you sure you are ticking the right boxes?

My logs go back almost 24 hours. I did turn off many of the descriptive logging options in most devices. Do you have a lot of that in your log? If so maybe it's filling it up.

Yes for the rules all 3 boxes are triggered. Nothing was available before 6Am when we got up so I can't see what (didn't) happen

Are you saying there is absolutely nothing or just nothing to do with this rule.

If you looking at 6:00am and your log has no data back to midnight, then something is wrong.

If I click logs > past logs I only get a few events for the device. I can click more and it loads just 2 or 3 more after a couple of seconds so that's not usable.

If I go to the device itself "Box lights" there are 60 events - so that's all good. I can go back the best part of one month for that as those 60 events are one on/off per day and some power/energy reports. That log only shows that it didn't switch off so doesn't tell me anything.

What I need is the events for the app so I know what it did at the specified times. If I click the gear icon next to the child app that I need and then click events I get this:

And here is the app showing that I've selected everything to be logged:

Edit: That's the wrong app I've shown. However the correct app also has everything ticked and also has an empty events table.

I've just checked and using the gear icon on the RM child app, all of the child apps have no events to display

If you go to logs>past logs, do you see the rule 01 - Lights external listed at the top. What you need to look at, is what is that rule doing. See example below.

I have highlighted the rule "Utility - Shop close down with alarm", That shows me all the details of this rule when it ran. This is from my shop hub and I just captured it and it's from 10pm last night. You don't see anything like this for your rule, or does you log not go back far enough?


As well as the events not showing in the log there is nothing for ANY RM rule in past logs

Perhaps show a screenshot of your log page. Something does not sound right, but if you are getting no logs, you probably need to contact support.

That's the top of my past logs page. the only rules in there are Motion Lighting.

If click show more at the bottom of the page how far back does your log go?

I can go back further on devices. I've rebooted the hub. Some RM rules now show in past logs with a couple of events but not the one that I'm looking for. Then again it hasn't triggered since last night.

RM doesn't put anything in its Events, the one you can get from the App Status page.

I would suggest you test your rules by just hitting Run Actions, with a Logs tab open.

Should I not see anything in past logs though? All three boxes are ticked for logging but there was nothing there either. After a reboot I can see only the last event set in past logs as shown - this is for this evening. Clicking more does nothing. I need to see last night to work out why a light remained on that should've turned off at 23:59:

Also looking at that I'm not sure why everything is being actioned twice?

Look at the App Status page for the rule in question. At the bottom are Scheduled Jobs. See what that shows.

I don't know about how long Past Logs cover. Leave a Logs tab open for Current Logs. That will show a long period, and probably have what you need (going forward).

App stat shows nothing scheduled

Leave a logs tab open permanently on my browser for a rule that triggers once a day at 4PM and ends at 23:59? I'm only wanting the previous nights logs - will it not save them?

There was a bug reported about triggers at a certain time triggering multiple times. It was supposedly fixed in the latest release I believe. Are you on the latest firmware?

Yes I am

It looks like your rule stopped after the wait for 22:30. There should be a wait over at 22:30. You didn't open the rule and update it between 16:00 and 22:30 did you?

Ok I just realized that was from today, so 22:30 hasn't happened yet.