What's Up With the Elevation Hub Environment Of Late

There is no "event" generated when the switch is toggled on/off. I have never checked that before for this switch. I toggled the switch at 1:40p PST.


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The creation of a mirror app didn't solve the problem either.

No events being generated indicates that the switch is not telling the hub that its state has changed. That could be caused by a few things, including:

  • The switch is defective
  • The switch is too far from the hub (or there is too much interference) and unable to communicate with is consistently
  • There are issues with the Z-Wave network (devices that didn’t pair well, devices that are too chatty, etc.)

The Z-Wave Details screen contains information that can help determine if the last point is the issue.


You want to make sure that current state for the switch on the Device Details page updates accordingly to your action (on/off):


Does the Leviton DZ6HD Z-Wave Dimmer require Z-Wave Polling to be enabled? Doubt it. But worth asking in this unusual context, of the device status isn't propagating as expected.

It appears that if this is the model, it's a Z-Wave Plus, so it should report instantly. However, we've had quite a few incident reports over the years with Leviton devices, in general.

As others pointed out recently, this model doesn't appear to report physical actuation reliably:


The switch has always worked physically and used to work nicely with the app and the other switch until a couple of months ago. I have both switches also connected to Google Home via the Google Home app under Hubistat. It never fails to turn on when we tell it to via "Hey Google". But in those instances we are turning all the lights on in the room and not just the primary switch. The hub is 12 feet or less from the switches in the same room. I do have a lot of outlets acting as repeaters, and a modest number of motion sensors.


The current state of the switches, and not just these Levitons, often does not match the actual state, or the state takes too long to update. But I have had these kind of problems with both SmartThings and with Hubitat. I have a quite eclectic collection of devices from many different manufactures, but all but a few Wifi devices I cut over from ST when I bought the Hubitat. I reboot the Hubitat hub periodically and often do a Z-Wave repair of the whole network or just flaky individual devices.

I do not know how to determine if the DZ6HD requires Z-Wave polling to be enabled.

C7 doesn't require repair, but you mentioned other devices not keeping up with their state. The only time that would happen, is if the switch is a legacy switch (non-Plus) or your mesh is having troubles. Do you see failed nodes when you run repairs?

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Yes, I usually see one or two nodes that fail. They mostly repair afterward when I do them individually. But the devices that fail have never been one of these two switches that are the subject of this thread.

BTW, I have 25 Z-Wave devices, 31 Zigbee devices, and a 5-10 wifi devices.

Failed devices affect others as well. It's good that they repair individually, but it's still a concern that they remain failed and you have to run individual repairs. That means your mesh is in trouble. Back to my earlier comment, if the status of your "master" switch doesn't update, the app will not fire, because it's unaware that the switch turned on.


I replied to a single commenter with this factoid which may be relevant.

Can you post a screenshot of your Z-Wave Details screen? There are a few people in the community who are pretty good at analyzing those…


I had a switch that I used as a button, not work last week also. I just air gapped the switch and it started working again so it was the zwave switch it self for some reason. The switch is a newer zooz 700 series dimmer. It wasn't showing anything in the logs either.

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Do you mean the Z-Wave Details Screen that shows all 25 Z-Wave devices? That would end up being 5 screenshots. Is that what you want?

That’s the one.

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So, dumb question here. If I reply to your message as opposed to a general reply, are you the only one who sees the reply?

Everyone sees replies, regardless of to the thread, or to a person posting on the thread.

Only things that are private is if you send a Message by clicking on the person's name/icon and choose the "Message" option.

Do post the five screen shots of your Z-Wave Details page.


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