What's the funniest, most unexpected or downright crazy thing that has happened as a result of your home automation?

So, a funny thing happened that has inspired the question in the title. Read on...

Over the past several months I've been driving my wife crazy with my obsession over the home automation rabbit hole. And, she has been pretty patient with me... for the most part. One of the selling points on automating everything was the idea of using tech to keep the deer out of our yard. They are particularly annoying to her because she loves gardening and she is always planting flowers that the deer just can't seem to resist. They are so bold about coming into the yard, sometimes I feel like a server at a salad bar when I open the door and find them on my porch munching away.

So, a couple of nights ago, I finally got around to figuring out how to use the motion of my outdoor Ring cameras to turn on my Rachio sprinkler system. Considering I didn't want to inadvertently spray down the mailman or whomever else might happen by, I created a flow in Node-RED to only allow the sprinklers to fire off between sunset and sunrise.

So, yesterday evening I'm minding my own business, when I hear the sprinklers trigger in the back yard. This got my attention because I wasn't expecting it to trigger that early and I wondered what had triggered it.

My first mistake was going outside to find out.

As soon as I opened the door I find my wife standing there, soaking wet, and holding the garden hose. Apparently she went outside to water her flowers, made it all the way across the lawn where the garden hose is, and got about half way back before the sprinklers triggered. She gave me that look (if you're married you know the one) and said, "Not cool."

I knew I was in trouble...

...but being the dummy I am, I laughed, because it was funny. To make matters (much) worse I asked, "Did you get wet?"

That was my second big mistake.

Without any hesitation she unloaded the full force of the garden hose at me and sprayed me down. I knew I deserved it, so there was no way I could get mad about it. Plus she looked pissed enough to beat me with the hose, so I figured a little water was the better alternative. Of course, I completely cracked up laughing which, thankfully, made her start laughing. Bullet dodged. I thought for sure I was in the doghouse big time. (There is no internet access in the doghouse by the way.)

On the upside, I know the flow works. No idea why it fired off in the middle of the day though, so I tweaked the time to start at 10pm, which seems to have fixed the problem.

This did get me to wondering how many other people around here have funny stories about automation gone wrong. If you have one, please share. Hopefully someone around here will have something great I can tell my wife so I will look like an angel in comparison. :joy:


FYI - this node is not configured correctly, and possibly underlies the unwarranted dousing of your spouse.

Those times don’t fit with sunset to sunrise.

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This is more pure irony than funny, but we did get a huge laugh out of it. Back in 1998 and 1999, I was heavily involved with Year 2000 prep in IT. My wife was even more involved as her job became full-time Y2K guru. For well over a year, there were meetings, conferences, project plans, coding reviews, etc. all to make sure that nothing escaped our attention to bite us when Y2K came. Of course, with all the preparation, virtually nothing happened when the time came.

But on the first work day of the new year, our home automation system woke us up as it always did, turning on the lights and announcing over the house speakers:

Good morning! Today is Monday, January 3, nineteen one hundred.


Well, there it is! Forgot to double check the lat and long. :shushing_face:


Good ol' Y2K. I was on the Y2K committee at work. Still some of the dumbest things I'ver ever heard said out loud at a work meeting.

Nothing really funny but after putting all the nest protects in, about a week later she started yelling at me to turn off... and I quote "That god damned night light feature!" Apparently when she would move while somewhat awake it would go on when she twitched her hand or breathed wrong and she would be fully awake for an hour or so...

Just a had a weird one with Goggle. Turned on the lights with voice command to my Goggle Home. My family were having an "animated" conversation in the background, so I joking said "Turn off Family", not realising that Goggle Home was still active. Suddenly I get this response from GH saying "Sure. Just checking that you want me to turn off Family?" WHAT? Where did that come from? Don't have anything called Family set up. We were all laughing so hard that we didn't respond!

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Back then my wife worked at an open-source non-SQL embedded database company whose software was heavily used everywhere. Their license let the software be free to use for non-commercial or internal usage; however, if you embedded it in a product, you had to have a paid commercial license.

They kept getting contacted by other companies effectively asking

we're using your database in our shipping product and we want to know if you are Y2K safe

and they'd look up the requestor and find they didn't have a license. Their response was:

Yes, we're entirely Y2K safe (we don't even store dates).
Also, our lawyer will be contacting you about our licensing terms.

1998 and 1999 were some of their best years for revenue!


One of my earlier Litter Robot automations announced via Alexa during a dinner party "the cat has pooped" as the cat hopped up onto a guest's lap. There was a 3 min delay between the time the cat used the litter box and the time the litter box sensor fired off the event. Just enough time for the cat to finish and join the party. Needless to say that particular announcement has been disabled.


I appropriately came across this post some time after it was initially was laid down....:slight_smile:

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