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Still waiting on my C7 to arrive, so naturally my head is filled with ST -> HE migration planning.. :slight_smile:

My question is about Zigbee channels:
I currently got my 2.4 GHz WIFI on channel 1 and the backbone to my mesh points is running on 5 GHz.
My ST has been running on Zigbee channel 20 since i've fired it up, and i have had zero interference issues. The ST doesn't have the option to change channel, but the HE does, so:

  1. If i want to have both hubs running while i move devices over, which Zigbee channel on HE should i choose?
  2. If i choose a temporary Zigbee channel on the HE until the ST is emptied and powered down, would i then be able to change the HE Zigbee channel back to channel 20? Or should i avoid changing Zigbee channel, once my mesh is up and running?
  3. Living in Denmark, is there a regional/national limitation to which Zigbee channels that you can/are allowed to use? I know Zigbee is universal world wide, but like 2,4 WIFI, some channels is not allowed in certain countries (eg. the 2.4 WIFI frequency range in Denmark is not as wide as in other European countries)?

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Welcome. Many around this forum like 20. I use 24, since it's far enough away from 2.4 wifi.
5 gHz wifi has no effect on Hubitat Zigbee.
I'd say to use 24 if you can. Some oddball devices will only join on 20.
You can absolutely start on HE on any channel, then change the channel. It's takes some time, but all devices should rejoin themselves after channel change.

See this thread

PS- a call to ST support can have them change your zigbee channel

Thanks @Rxich

Good to hear that changing channel later isn't a problem..

Just found this illustration (in Danish though: kanal=channel) which suggests that Zigbee 15 would be a better choice than Zigbee 24, since the later is within the WIFI 11's range - is Zigbee 15 better than 24 regarding device compatibility?

25 if your devices support it (most do - all of mine do - but some devices don't work well there, thus the comment).

Never 26 as it is a limited bandwidth channel for zigbee, as there is often (supposed to be always) a low pass filter on the high side of it chopping off the "right side" frequencies.

If you know for a fact there are no channel 11 wifi APs within a few hundred feet, then 22-24 would work fine.

If you know for a fact there are no channel 6 wifi APs within a few hundred feet (extremely unlikely unless you are on a farm), then 16-18 would work fine.

Otherwise use 15.

(I intentionally left off channels 19 and 21 above, as your ST is on 20 and I wouldn't recommend putting another radio on an adjacent channel)

Thanks @JasonJoel - and you already answered my next question before i even asked it.. :wink:

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At least on the C7, you can do this in Settings>Zigbee Details:

I just wanted to say I love rem!



[quote="zdgrisez, post:7, topic:50257"]I just wanted to say I love rem!

I'm confused, you mean there are people who don't?! :wink:


I'm crazy. I meant 25, which is before 26(26 has lower power by regulation). I chose 25, since my wifi wound up on 1, due to my many neighbors wifi. With 25 no matter what your or neighbors wifi is, you'll be safe. I think I read 15 can still get caught in the sideband of wifi.

Decimal Hex Frequency SC mask WiFi Conflict Comments
11 0x0B 2.405GHz 0x0001 Overlaps Ch 1 Newer XBee only
12 0x0C 2.410GHz 0x0002 Overlaps Ch 1
13 0x0D 2.415GHz 0x0004 Overlaps Ch 1
14 0x0E 2.420GHz 0x0008 Overlaps Ch 1
15 0x0F 2.425GHz 0x0010 Overlaps Ch 6
16 0x10 2.430GHz 0x0020 Overlaps Ch 6
17 0x11 2.435GHz 0x0040 Overlaps Ch 6
18 0x12 2.440GHz 0x0080 Overlaps Ch 6
19 0x13 2.445GHz 0x0100 Overlaps Ch 6
20 0x14 2.450GHz 0x0200 Overlaps Ch 11
21 0x15 2.455GHz 0x0400 Overlaps Ch 11
22 0x16 2.460GHz 0x0800 Overlaps Ch 11
23 0x17 2.465GHz 0x1000 Overlaps Ch 11
24 0x18 2.470GHz 0x2000 Overlaps Ch 11 Newer XBee only
25 0x19 2.475GHz 0x4000 No Conflict Newer XBee only
26 0x1A 2.480GHz 0x8000 No Conflict Newer non-PRO XBee only
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