What to expect when moving from Vera to Hubitat (best tips)?

My ten year old veralite has just died and i am awaiting delivery of the hubitat C7.
I was fairly familiar with the LUA and coding/scenes/automation after many hours of programming and learning the (often complex) vera system v 1.5

Expecting to start from scratch with the hubitat.
Any tips for a vera user moving over?

Welcome to our community! I am not familiar with Vera's built-in functionality, but the likelihood that Hubitat requires any programming is very slim to none. There are many built-in apps, as well as community projects that cover even most complex use cases, so learning Groovy, which is the scripting language that Hubitat offers, is not needed for 99.9% of our users. Those who find scripting easier, Groovy is an object oriented language based on Java.

I am sure that others who came from Vera will chime in, but to get you started, check out this thread for what to expect when you are ready to dive in:


You can expect very positive experience once you discover HE. I love Rule machine - you can do almost everything there.


cheers for the warm welcome.
i understand i have to install a couple of "modules" prior to adding/including z-wave devices.

As my old controller died i assume all my z-wave devices are still paired to that dead-device.
First task will be associate the devices with the new hubitat controller. Any tips for getting the devices connected?

I appreciate some of my questions will be answered elsewhere but i'm keen to get a few basic items back up and running as i'm without hot-water until i get back up and running.

You'll want to do an Exclude or a factory reset as the first step of your device migration then. This document covers most of the advice that you'll see around the forum:


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No, but you may want to check the Settings page, Z-wave details for a (these specific words) Firmware Update. (not just plain Update button). Do that before pairing any devices, if that update is available. If your Z-wave firmware is up to date, there will be no Firmware Update button.

That Building a Z-wave mesh thebearmay linked above is a great thing to follow as well as that thread about "if you are switching" thread linked by bobbyD above.

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One really handy truck... You can use the Hubitat app to exclude Z wave devices from Vera as well as connecting them to Hubitat. I would recommend resetting them to factory default if at all possible.

i have found that function useful.
I am able to include many of my "old" devices with the HE but i am struggling with compatiblity issues where there is no driver for some items.
If it is possible to create driver for my older devices i would be willing to spend the time doing so but on first glance it looks quite a complex mission.

A tutorial on how to create drivers would be useful. any suggestions there?

What devices? Chances are as long as it's z-wave or zigbee there is likely a community driver available or it will work with a generic one. Can you give us a list? (note: some devices will pair with either the wrong driver or no driver and can simply be changed on the device page. When ever you're changing drivers on the device page, click save then click configure. )

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@rlithgow1 thanks for the comments.
the main item i'm having issues with is the Fibaro Universal Sensor. i just get errors in my log

Managed to get my "old" dual relay boiler controller working with a dual socket device driver-

Some of the z-wave (not z-wave PLUS) devices require a "refresh" to attain their current state. As i learn and find out these little "fixes" i'm getting closer to where i want to be.

If those are switches, then you can install the z-wave poller app. That should help with status' on those kind of switches. Also take a look at that link @bobbyd posted about coming from wink, vera, st etc...