What’s the best method to failsafe devices turning on/off?

My husband put together a nifty little drip irrigation system for some of our indoor plants that uses a fountain pump and microtubing out of a bucket reservoir. I’ve been using a Zwave switch to turn it on for 3 minutes in the morning and 3 in the evening for... well, almost a year now. Worked well on the Wink, where I had an extra layer of “off” commands in case the first off command didn’t go through.

When I ported everything to Hubitat, I decided to live on the wild side and see if a simple automation rule for the morning and a simple automation rule for the evening would do, without the extra “off” commands.

Worked well for a week, and then tonight it didn’t turn off, and I had a little overflow to clean up lol. Thankfully it’s not on carpet.

So, I created two more simple automations with the singular purposes of sending one more “off” command to be safe, one in the morning and one in the evening. I also created a notification that should nag me every 5 minutes on my phone if it’s been running longer than expected.

Is this a good way to ensure our little hobby garden doesn’t flood? Is there a better way to ensure that a Zwave device goes on and off as scheduled? There wasn’t anything in the logs, but I also didn’t have debugging on for that device. I do now.

Leak sensor + a rule?

Auto_off app as the backup? [RELEASE] Auto_Off - Another choice to automatically turn off devices after set amount of time on

Also a great idea.

So you're already reading power on this little pump? I'd make a rule that would send off commands if power usage any of the two stretches of time that the pump is supposed to be off.

Add another vote for a leak sensor.

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Instead of creating multiple rules on the same rule engine. Create one with Simple Automation and one with Rule Machine. I do this with a magnetic lock for my storage. Been working fine for 2 years now.

Oh that's a good idea. It didn't turn off again this morning even with the extra Simple Automations... but I did get the notification that it was on. Looking at the logs, it got like... 12 "on" commands and zero "off" commands. Weird.

I turned it off on the device and it didn't report back to the Hubitat as off, either. Maybe I need a Zwave repeater between the hub and this plug.

Edit: Been working great since adding the Rule Machine rule! Hopefully that'll do it! Thanks.

No, it's plugged into a normal, non power reading Zwave outlet (a switch). The notification just tells me if the switch hasn't been turned off after a few minutes. Although swapping that out for a power-reading device would give me more metrics to look for...

I suppose a leak sensor would be a good idea, although I'm not entirely sure where I'd put it. The lines are going to a bunch of pots both on a shelf with a drip tray and around the shelf with individual pot liners!

Well, that would certainly streamline setting it up! Just tell it to run for X minutes instead of saying, run from 9:03a to 9:06a.

put it

Maybe start where you had to mop up the most? But I did also think that a leak sensor on a flat floor is going to have some times when it is ineffective due to puddles forming randomly.

I've not had good luck with power monitoring on very low-draw devices using my older zigbee devices. But I also haven't worked on it very much.

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