What is the Tuya 3 Gang switch that works without errors in HE?

What kind of Tuya 3-gang switch works without errors in HE?
Please recommend a model with a neutral line with a good durability.
I want a Zigbee product.

I can’t speak to tuya switches, but Inovelli is coming out with a Zigbee switch that does 3-way if that’s what you are looking for.

It is currently open for pre-order and manufacturing is in progress according to their community site. I have had the opportunity to beta test it and love it. I have had no issues with it and have been using it in my kitchen, so it gets lots of use!

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I know that '3 way' and '3 gang' are different.
Is there a switch here that can be used as a three-gang?

A few questions… (I should have started with that…)

Are you in North America or somewhere using 110v, or in a country that uses 220v?

Are you looking to turn on/off 3 devices connected directly to the switch? Could you describe what you are looking to do?


I live in Korea and use 220V.
And to control three lights separately, I want a 3gnag switch.
I appreciate your kind attention and reply.

Okay, that means the Inovelli switches wouldn’t work for you. I’ll have to let someone who has a similar standard as you provide some help.

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Hi @jw970065 ,

There are a lot of 3 gang Tuya-based switches that work with Hubitat. Some of them will work out of the box using the inbuilt Generic Zigbee Multi-Endpoint driver. Others will require custom drivers.

The problem is that with these Tuya switches is It's like buying a cat in a bag - you never know what is the device firmware - whether it uses the standard ZCL commands or is Tuya specific.

So if you are willing to take the risk - just choose a 3-gang switch from AliExpress based on the product description and when you have it, I am pretty sure that we can make it work with HE. Look for products that have enough feedback/comments from the buyers, If any comment mentions HA / ZHA / Zigbee2MQTT - it should (will) work with Hubitat as well.

Personally, I don't like the touch-type glass plate switches, I like the classic mechancial switches that make a 'click' sound and you have a good tactile feedback. Most of the muti-gang switches have small relays inside. When activated from HE, the relay clicking sound may become annoying after some time.. But there are also switches that use solid-state relays (triacs) which are absolutely silent in operation.

I don't use much such switches in my home because the switches boxes in my house do not have a neutral line. All my bulbs are Zigbee, controlled by a Hue hub and CoCoHue community integration.


hi @kkossev
A detailed answer is always very helpful to me.
There are not many products in AliExpress that combine "zigbee+US version+classical mechanical switch". Moreover, as you said, the firmware is applied differently depending on the time.
So I ordered another product as an alternative, and I hope there is no problem.
I hope there is no problem until I find the product I want...

As for the Chinese-shaped product, we are watching the switch on the link below.

If you can't find the switch, I'm planning to use the bulb as you say. But in order to do this, you have to replace the bracket of the ceiling lamp.