Tuya 2-gang Zigbee switch

Hello All,

I just added this device and followed the steps, but my 2-gang switch still doesnt work. Can someone help me out?

Gr Tay

In where? You've started a new thread, so it isn't clear which steps you followed. Can you clarify?

Sorry if that was unclear. I added a Tuya 2-gang switch to my hubitat en followed all steps what l could find in the community, but its still doesnt work.
Steps that l took:

When you clicked configure, were any child devices created? Have you gone to the child device pages and tried to control them?

If no child devices were created, you may need to use a community driver specific for Tuya multi-gang switches. See this post by @kkossev for the issue and its resolution.

Found it!!!
I used this driver:

Now it working :smiley:


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