What is the difference between Hubitat Elevation C-5 model vs C-7 model?

I have a c5 hub, am wondering if there are any benefits to upgrading to c7 hub?

The only difference is Z-Wave. The C-7 has 700-series Z-Wave hardware and uses the official Silicon Labs Z-Wave SDK for this hardware (AFAIK, what Z-Wave implementation the C-3 to C-5 use is not public and may have been created in-house). This offers a few new features, and is (or at least was around the time of original release) officially "certified" by the Z-Wave Alliance. The C-7 supports S2, compared with the C-5 and earlier that only support S0; SmartStart; and has a new Settings > Z-Wave Details page that offers more diagnostic information and tools than the C-5. Unlike earlier generations, it does not support external USB dongles, nor are they needed anymore as the integrated radio can set frequency (for different regions/countries) via software.

Zigbee and other specs are the same as the C-5. (And while you didn't ask, the C-5 is similar to the C-3/C-4 except a slightly different SoC and a less finely tuned OS--they did a lot of work on this with the C-5 and later.)

So, if you don't use Z-Wave, the answer is definitely no. If you do, the answer depends on whether you want any of the new features or tools.


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