What is the C-7 Zigbee Status setting supposed to do?

TL/DR: C-7 Zigbee radio doesn't turn off ( Should it?

Yesterday I'm playing with my newly arrived hub and put together a small Zigbee setup (a couple of sensors and smart plug on my desk, located about 30 feet from the C-7, no apps installed). As expected, the sensors chose the Iris plug as their parent instead of the hub when joining the network. And, as expected, when I unplugged the smart plug, the sensors quickly (in less than 30 seconds) rejoined the network as child devices of the C-7 and functioned normally. I figured I'd see how long it would take in the reverse scenario for the network to reconfigure optimally with the Iris plug once again as the preferred parent.

Normally I'd expect to shutdown the hub, wait the expected 20-30 minutes with all other devices powered up and expect the healed network topology to be up and running. I didn't want to stress the hub's mini-USB power connector (the C-7 arrived before my OTG cable) so I figured setting the Zigbee Status to disabled in the Details page would be equivalent to a shutdown during the heal.

I admit I've never done this on the C3 but expected that the hub's Zigbee radio would be disabled and was surprised when it didn't have the desired effect. No heal after 20 minutes with C-7 showing Zigbee offline. Tried again, waited 30 minutes... no heal; the Iris plug remained childless. So I then shutdown the hub, waited only 10 minutes (by this time I suspected what was going on) and voila... network optimized with sensors having joined with the plug as parent. I verified with my packet sniffer that the C-7's radio does not turn off when Zigbee is offline.

So what is the Zigbee Status setting supposed to do?