What is my Yale lock YRD216 telling me

I’m having connectivity issues with my lock.

What are the logs telling me?

What driver are you using?

Turn on debug logging on the device and see if you can reproduce the error. The debug log right before the error might have a clue.

Yes, this is a z-wave lock. Debug is was turned ON but needs to be retoggled frequently. How do I find out what driver I am using? Where do I see the logs to consult?

The driver is the “Type” listed on the device page. You already showed some logs, the debug logs will be in the same place. You would need to turn on debug and then unlock and lock the door to see if the error is reproduced.

That behavior is standard in built-in device drivers and many community-developed drivers that follow the practice recommended by Hubitat staff.

All that additional info that gets spit out into the logs while in debug mode can be helpful for troubleshooting, but is otherwise unnecessary most of the time.

So debug logging toggles itself off after 30 minutes to avoid unnecessarily cluttering up the hub logs, for example in case the user forgets to toggle it off.

I still don’t see the driver information

It’s in your second screenshot. It’s listed under “type,” as @jtp10181 explained above.

That is a built-in driver.

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I’ve been searching, still haven’t found were the logs are posted.

You are already looking at the logs, they are in your first screenshot in the original post for this topic.

“Debug” logging includes more detailed information than “info” logging (the standard level of logging when “debug” is off).

Ok, so do the logs reveal the issue that my lock is having?

Not specifically, as far as I know.

You have not yet posted any additional screenshots of the logs with debugging turned on, to see if the additional data contained in the debug log entries points towards the underlying problem.


From @jtp10181’s initial response to your query.

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I activated debug and unlocked the lock twice.

Need to see the logs, there is a button on the top of the device page to take you to a filtered log for just that device.

The logs

Seems to be working fine, no errors in that case.

Do you know when was going on when those errors came up? They look to be random. Was door being locked or unlocked at that time? Or just sitting idle?

The only other way to figure it out would be if @support_team can look at the driver code and see what is happening on line 507.

If the lock is working though, I would not worry about it too much.

You should probably redact that last screenshot. It looks like it includes the lock codes and names of your guests in it (or someone’s name, at least).


Looks like you have a bunch of nulls in those pending changes. That is probably what is causing the errors.

Check your lock code manager app. Looks like you have made a mess of things.

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I have a bunch of failed nodes.

The lock code manager doesn't seem to be working

The lock code manager is indicating that it has completed an upload when in fact it has not. Should I erase all the lock codes, uninstall lock code manager and reinstall and re load the lock codes?