What is my Yale lock YRD216 telling me

line 507 is calling to integer (null).
I see you have not completed a fetch code.

Maybe try to configure the lock close to the hub to pull all codes. It's a pain in the butt if you are running through a relay.

Configure will get codes. if if stops, save and then fectch codes. if that stops, save and fetch codes. its super fun, not! :slight_smile:

I just noticed your screen shot showing failed nodes. Looks like you have issues with the fire and the air handler with no routes.

goto setting/ z-wave details and post a shot of what your network looks like.

i have 30 of these locks running perfectly in an apartment. they can be picky. they hate doing anything but locking and unlocking unless they have a good direct route and wont include unless they are danger close to the hub when setting them up.

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all of your mains powered repeaters have gone offline.

without them, your door lock may be able to barely function for locking and unlocking but will crap out on any other functions.

did you have a power outage?

try rebooting the hub first before doing anything drastic.

also, those aeotec repeaters are all S2 security authenticated. no need for that and it slows down the system as a repeater. ( at least in my case using yale locks... they hate secure repeaters )

look at your routing on the gate lock. 15 (gate) goes to 19 (offline switch) then goes to OE (fire online) then to 1 (hubitat hub.

I rebooted the hub. I also cut the power for 10 seconds on all the repeaters. I'm conflicted about removing security on the repeaters as I have read conflicting information about S2 usefulness and necessity.

I used to have many failed jobs on Lock Code Manager. I no longer do but the jobs are not being executed.

How do I eliminate the backlogged jobs for the lock. I used to be able to reboot the hub and the pending jobs would disappear, now they don't.

From this and other threads, if I were you I’d try to resolve issues related specifically to your z-wave devices and their mesh network before trying to tackle lock code manager.

If something’s not working as intended with a keypad code, how would you know if the problem is due to the lock code manager app, or your z-wave mesh?

In case i’m not being clear, you wouldn’t be able to tell. Or you would waste a ton of time trying to sort out which is the bigger problem.

Hence my suggestion to resolve all z-wave communications issues for your locks first.


The repeaters are all connecting.

So I'm back at lock code manager

If you get your 500 series Assa Abloy (green) z-wave module to play nice with S2 security repeaters, please let me know!

I hope your programming works now that your repeaters are up.

I have had terrible luck fetching codes and configuring these yale locks unless they were directly connected to the hub and not a repeater. I could solve it by taking the lock to the hub and running it again.

Not sure if it was a conflict with S0 and S2 security or the lag from the repeater. Either way, it was quite a rabbit hole for me.

Take it slow and let the network heal. Remember to pause and not run multiple attempts. Reboots and restarts sometimes give an Eureka moment.

Good luck!

The security does not matter for repeating nodes / hops, they work across any security level. All they do is forward the encrypted packet to the next hop, they do not read the data inside.

I moved away from Schlage locks because of constant battery drainage. Once the battery is below 98% the lock has a mind of its own. I was recommended by someone who posted in a previous post to use the Yale lock. Your saying you have issues with Yale. I wish their was a reliable trustworthy source to query when wanting to upgrade devices. Now I'm wondering if my Yale lock purchase was a wise choice. Wink was unreliable, but when it worked, my locks worked. Hubitat is way more reliable but extremely more complex. Spending way too much time to get things to work and wondering if I made the correct choice. It is very frustrating, my z-wave network is up and down like a yoyo.

No one here can totally predict how a given device will work in someone else’s environment because there are too many local variables that can’t possibly be controlled for. Users here can generally only speak to their own experiences with a device.

That said, Yale locks are on the hub’s official compatibility list. So for most people, they should work just fine.

Schlage locks were removed from the hub’s compatibility list a couple years ago due to problems that were deemed to be common enough among users to warrant that action by the staff.

We covered this in another one of your threads.

Your mileage may vary with any given device though, in a positive or negative way. There’s no way to know for sure until you use it in your environment.

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For perspective, I have 1x Yale (S0), 2x Schlage (S2) and 1x Alfred (S2) for locks. Yes they all look a little different and do not match but they do go well with the locations they are in so I actually like it. As far as Z-wave goes they have all been reliable. The initial full code refresh and setting of codes can be dicey sometimes for any lock but once I got it setup it has been flawless. My two Schlage locks are at 97 and 98% battery. One is basically outside, in the unconditioned garage on the back service door (in the cold).

Just recently setup Auto-Lock on some of them for certain cases, using the community app, that has been working well also. I have not had any issues with any of them.