What Is Backed Up

When I backup locally, does this back up all my apps, including things like Webcore?

Also, any way to change the default drive for the backup's destination?


Not sure what you mean by default drive. There is only a single eMMC in the hub. You can download a backup externally.

As for redirecting the backup:


Just guessing that the OP may have mean the downloaded location for the backup itself. If so, this is a function of your web browser and possibly OS and should work the same as other downloads, and it's not something you can set on the hub. (Many browsers will just download to a Downloads folder or other predetermined location without further interaction, but there are usually options to be prompted for all files or certain types. Hubitat is an .LZF file, on a related note.)

Ah - got it!

When I download the backup locally, it puts it in the Download folder. I would rather it go to another location.

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In that case:

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Settings vary by browser but you can google "browsername change download location" for instructions. Here is one for Google Chrome as an example.

I use both FireFox and Chrome on my PC and have both set to prompt me each time for the download location vs always putting files into a specific unstructured folder.