What is a good sensor to sense vibration/temp/motion?

I see a lot on amazon, but most have mediocre reviews. Just wondering what a good sensor is to help automate our laundry time. I'd like motion sensing to turn the lights on automatically when the doors open, vibration sensing to know when laundry is done... and temp just to be nice. Anyone have one they highly recommend?

Did you search the forum for this by chance? There are several great laundry projects that have been done out there basically walking you through from start to finish.


all my motion/temp sensors are the new Samsung Multipurpose sensor (blue box)


I use them with various doors (using the magnet), in my garage (without the magnet, just the tilt sensor), in my fridge (magnet). All are reporting temperatures nicely.
About the washer, after reading various posts, I preferred NOT to use the sensor for checking vibrations (because a lot of cycles are generating vibrations), but I'm using a Zooz Zen15 to monitor the power used by the washer, with 100% positive results and no errors.
Obviously, you can use both to fine tune your cycles and obtain good results.
Read this (or search for washer app). Somebody did a specific app just for that purpose:

And now I have a dashboard tile just for that washer, including power use and time used by the last wash. Of course, cellular and GH reminders when finished.



While the Samsung do seem really sensitive to vibration, you’re probably better to just put in one of these.

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Sometimes splitting sensors by functions is a good idea. I have generic z-wave motion sensors control the lighting in my laundry room, and power-sensing Samsung outlets to indicate when the washer or dryer are done.

The HomeSeer light sensor indicated by @SmartHomePrimer is also a good idea if your washer/dryer have an LED indicator that turns on when they're done.

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I use the smartthings multi-purpose sensor PPz mentioned. It is super sensitive though. If someone slams the door to the garage or bumps into it it senses it. My dryer also cycles on and off every few minutes so I had to add a 3 minute delay in the action. It's been working well for about a year now though.

in my other house i also had to give up vibration for dryer done.. I now as above have a separate power tap on the dryer line in the fuse box.. it works great..

Power taps work great, just make sure it's rated for the load you're running. If it's an electric dryer some of the plugs can't handle that amount of load.

no not a switch i have one of the aeon home energy monitor devices hooked up just for the dryer

at the time there were no 220 v switches etc. not sure if there are now..

Gotcha my 11 year old is driving me crazy with this home school stuff and it's got me all frazzled.

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