What in the "let the Chinese directly into my computer" zigbee device is this?

So I was looking for a Zigbee controlled 0-10 volt dimmer for my garage LED light and stumbled across this device that allows you to power on/off your computer via Zigbee and comes with a remote. It installs directly into a PCIE slot in the PC.
Each piece is autographed by Xi Jinping with a personalized thank you note. :crazy_face:


This just doesn't seem like a good idea. Currently use a switchbot to turn on the computer but it really struggles because the power button kind of sucks.

Anybody else have a thought to actually turn on a computer and not wake it?

you want an ILO card

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Why is that?

Currently I setup my computer bios to turn on when power restore and control it with a smart plug. This solution seems more elegant.


I would not suggest using a outlet plug. That is a hard power off which is hard on hardware and can corrupt data.

Using sleep with WoL network card is probably a good idea and would be prefered. Hard to get right though depending on hardware.

Another option is a pikvm that interacts with your power switch on the computer.


How would a zigbee device communicate with anything other than the zigbee coordinator it’s paired to?

What would be the driver to use with that device?

One comment say it is not supported by Z2M

This device is a little different, right? It plugs into the PCI slot of a desktop computer. So in theory, could it not check if the computer is connected to the internet, and if it is phone home?

Maybe I'm just being overly suspicious.


I guess that’s a fair point.

I don’t know enough about personal computing to even hazard a guess about whether PCIe cards can hide some sort of malicious code that, unbeknownst to the system owner, takes control of other PC components in a way that would establish some route for a threat actor to remotely do whatever it is they’re going to do.

But I figure every PCIe card I own is made in China anyway. So I’m still not sure what the difference here would be.

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Or Taiwan. But, either way, fair point.

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Either way, I’m pretty confident the silicon in my house is safe from Mr. Xi or any of his minions.


What about the NSA?



Got them covered too.



Back when ransomware was prevalent and once infected, you couldn’t access anything. Best Buy’s ‘solution’ was to unplug the PC and reboot it.

And most brake rotors are made in China.

This got me thinking. I had on hand a fibaro smart implant begging to be used. I hooked it up to my computer's power button. It works like a charm. I can turn my computer on and off remotely without the use of the smart plug.

A solution to avoid Mr Xi unexpectedly inviting himself to dinner.


Clever approach. :clap:

If he brings pot stickers, xiao long bao, and a few spicy Hunan dishes I'll invite him in gladly. (That's really the way they are taking us over..."Step 1. Make them dependent on our food for survival...") :wink:


Any momentary button/dry contact device can be wired in series with the power button on the PC to emulate pressing the button on the case. A Shelly Plus 1 would fit the bill.


It's ok, I've checked and there are no logs on your Computer indicating any access from the Chinese... :wink:


You missed the ceiling, floor and window!

Don't these only work with HP servers?


I feel like we are providing the constructive input into this conversation....